Suggestion Youzu & Bigpoint Take This in mind, please.

Discussion in 'Update & Idea Pool' started by arch-567, Oct 21, 2020.

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  1. arch-567

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    Its very positive you (Youzu/BP) informing us about the future of the game: " we're more than happy to assure you that you will be able to continue playing Pirate Storm in 2021. We're working on a solution and we'll share it with you later this year." It's Good. Thank You for informing us!

    Another thing is HOW? We'll see how you manage it ('til now not very well) ...

    Hopefully "The Game" will be downloadable although YOU MUST TAKE IN MIND many suggestions that most of the players (your customers) have contributed for years with the sole objective of improving Pirate Storm for getting "The Game" more fun and, consequently, "The Company" can earn more money ...

    Hey Youzu/BP look and apply this, please:
    => Players (Customers) requests summary
    => Little Summary

    More Examples:
    · Merge all the servers:
    => Merge Servers 1
    => Merge Servers 2

    · About PvP System:
    => Bring Back Old PvP Style
    => New PvP

    · New Guild & Player Level:
    => Upgrade Player & Guild Levels

    · New Events & Battlegrounds:
    => Battlefields

    · Another ideas:
    => Decks for Big Ships like Blizzard, Buthu Frigate, Cordone, Aracnide...
    => New Sets
    => Guild letter 50
    => The COMEBACK of Pirate Storm

    Youzu/BP dont forget these ideas (dont forget your customers/players), please.

    Best Regards!
  2. perez_099

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    Nothing more to add, the only thing I hope is that the first thing you put on is PvP, which is otherwise perfect. A great pirate work, very good post.
  3. 1jaguar1

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    Arch hello haha SUV
  4. NaG[BG]

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    They can keep the current servers, start a new fresh server(with new client) and ban the cheaters, that will bring back a lot players back. The game is good and still have potential.
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  5. blakinou

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    There will be a launcher for the game it is currently in the test server
  6. perez_099

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    How can I enter to the test server?
  7. Genti

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    Ahoy Pirates,

    This will be really good idea to realize but what i think will be necessary is a new server instead of merge servers. Why?

    Because: Lot of players who abused of bugs, bonus maps, etc, actually has gained full ships, scrolls, etc and it is not fair and right toward honest and fair players who start from 0 (zero) and hard work to upgrade ships, etc. -

    I also would add:

    1 - Improve island system points, bonuses, monsters, tower - Island attack or defense should be something hard to do in both cases:
    Ship power is very high in all servers and 1.5M life points fortess is very easy to shoot down.

    Example: Fortress 5,0 M life points, Monsters from lv 1 to 10, progressive life from 100k to 1M life points, towers 1M life points. Thats will be a real war in island and huge motivation to attack / defend .

    - Booty: If you alliance A defeat island of alliance B the reward will proportional to the level of island defeated (Example: from 10M gold up to 100M) and then you will see how enjoyable will be the island game ;)

    - Island diamonds, why not? Players, can donate diamonds to island in order to repair faster the buildings, monsters, etc.

    Example: Diamonds can be donated in alliance treasury and there are different bonuses like:

    50.000 Diamonds (price to pay) = + 100% XP
    50.000 Diamonds (price to pay) = + 100% Gold
    25.000 Diamonds (price to pay) = + 25% defense during island defense
    25.000 Diamonds (price to pay) = + 25% fire power during island attack

    - Level max upgrade, from many years were stuck at lv 45 and now are stuck at lv 50, why not to exhtend to lv 60?

    - Fix the balance ship power/life points, what does it mean? With the new Set, we can have max 3 set equiped on ships, and the shootting power increase a lot, it means that life points also shoud be increased, 80k life points is the maximum and is not enought to defend against a shoots of 13k-18k especially if player has 3 sets and quick reload is able to kill you in 3-4 seconds, so something is wrong ;)

    - Arena System:
    1. REMOVE FROSTWOLF MINE as you probably know, this items destroyed the fighting system in arena, Eagle Shock Rocket + Buthu Shock Rocket + Mine = 9 seconds blocked, it means you are not able to do anything and easily lose
    2. Add more items, improvements with diamonds and gold
    3. Add more ships in order to have more choice and see different ships, not always the same

    - Managemente and Support Admin Team
    This is one of the things that really destroyed the game especially those who are in admin/management team of PirateStorm and they play in the game.
    1. Why should an admin, take part in auction, where mostly of players by diamonds in cash, and others get monthly free diamonds?
    2. When the new moon set auction started, first "players" who bought it was fully equiped admin members of game
    3. Admin members of game, in my personale opinion, should not take side between the alliances, but play for the game and respect they're duties without interfering with players and alliances.

    This is what I personally think would give good changes to the game and make it start in the best way.

    We are customers who pay your service and we are ready to play and pay, and you are ready to sell us the service we want?

    All the best for you all,

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  8. *~axsa~*

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    genti its funny you say that while you use 20/30 winter mines on a daily basis in 2V2 arenas
  9. Hello,

    Here is what you can find on the forum using the search tab, described in this picture regarding your question.
    I recommend that you use this search tab on the forum, it can often allow you to get your questions answered and avoid waiting for a player or moderation to answer you. ;)


    Good game, cordially :)
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