Bring back the old pvp and new guild level!!!!!

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  1. *Developers*

    Developers, if you see this, do it, the pirate storm community looks forward to these changes

    *Guild Islands*

    In all this playing time ships, events, new maps, new buffs, and other things have been added ... but the guild islands are still there in the same way, and well, the game is no longer the same for 5 - 6 years ago, with all these "new" kits that decrease cannon reload time and increase ship capacity, one or two players can easily take down a full guild island ...

    You don't have the same emotion when attacking a guild island,
    players have a lot of damage and the towers, monsters and the fortress don't support it...

    Add more levels to guilds:
    Maximum guild level:
    50 > 60

    Add a new monster level on the guild island with more damage and more health, also add a fortress with more health:



    1.500.000 > 3.500.000


    1.000 - 1.500 > 2.000 - 3000 Per Shoot


    New Level monsters life:

    Now lvl 10 > Max HP - 250.000

    New lvl monsters 11 > Max HP - 450.000

    Damage Monsters:

    Now lvl 10 > 500 - 750

    New level monsters damage:

    New lvl monsters 11 > 1000 - 1500

    No need to create a new monster, just use a big monster like the one below...


    Next change that players want.

    bring back old patents back they were the essence of the game.

    The old patents were loved and were one of the reasons for the players to play the game.

    They were the essence of a pirate and brought presence to the seas with their splendor.


    We create forum posts and always show how much we love the designs of the old patents but never listen to, debate or pay attention to their players. they treat us as invisible.

    We love the game but our ideas and suggestions are thrown overboard

    Thanks for viewing the post, leave what you think below and vote too.
  2. Ragnar_TM

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  3. perez_099

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    I'm agree with you, we need the old pvp system.
  4. 1jaguar1

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  5. KatyDead

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  6. chav

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    very sad,i leave this beatiful game 3 or 4 years ago when BP changed the sistem pvp were you lose points wher you are sunk,after many player write in forum but nobody from BP donth care about the few players remains on game,maiby they want to close the servers
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  7. DaAzero

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    i too want the pvp back!!!!!!
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  8. Radix07

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    The platform you gave to install the game is too slow. I would like to know if we
    will soon be able to play as before from a web page like google Chrome. Also, when
    will you solve the option to buy Warmaster ships like the "Piranha"
    Battle Frigate, "Barracuda" Battle Frigate, etc?
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  9. [EVO]JandT

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    Good nice
  10. queasco

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    back old pvp
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  11. The Old PvP system .... the best!
  12. d1stanc

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    I totally agree with this but I do not think there will be any update at all.

    Most likely Bigpoint dropped the development on this game without even telling its own players just to not lose money which is understandable. There have been numerous suggestions and none was taken into consideration. So...
  13. ArcS1n

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    It's true. Today, many players are very strong. The game needs a global update. We need to strengthen the island guild, we need a new PVP season, I think all players want to buy piranha. The old design of the pvp ranks with wings was very cool. You can add a few more maps, such as 33-40 40a 40b.
  14. msrawy

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    yes old pvp