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  1. Hello and good afternoon,

    Lately I notice that a lot of players want to come back but something prevents them. I'll try to give my ideas and solutions about the most (in my opinion) major problems in the game that might be the reasons.

    As we all may already know, Pirate Storm was a great game ( some people still believe its nice, I do too ), but lets see why it's no longer "great" like good old days. I believe that for a lot of reasons players left the game and then some Admins too. In my opinion the majority of people left because of:

    1. First of all, PVP system was ruined (deleted) as a lot players say. Also the game is NO longer New-Player-Friendly as there are some items that can not be obtained anymore, even tho some players have like: War Bloods, "Piranha" Battle Frigate and a lot more.

    2. AHAB ship, a lot of players tilted because of that. Some of them say that AHAB can destroy Destroyer ( which is a lot harder to get than AHAB is ). Some others say that it is a big wound in PVP system, ARENA fighting e.t.c. What I understood was that AHAB ship was created for farming ( that's why it has so few cannons and has no privilege to gain and give PvP points & skulls ), but players thought that with all those passives that it has, it could be better and stronger in PvP than a lot of other ships. So that's why almost all of pirates in the game have AHAB ship in their collection. My Suggestion is to balance the ship's passives. An addition to his already existing passive, for example: [ Damage to players -50% ] will prevent players from using it for PvP, and both sides (farmers and PvP hunters) will be satisfied.

    3. BUG/GLITCH Exploits. As we all may know, at the latest years some players where using programs, system errors or whatever it was to gain Diamonds, special items, materials e.t.c. A lot of players who where playing without this strategy where getting destroyed from others and most of them where rage quitting/ leaving the game ( that's why I left too ).
    Some months ago, a friend told me "Bugs are gone, come back and lets start again". I did and now I'm very active. But still it is not like the good old Pirate game that I was playing, some people that I met said that merging the servers is the solution. That's true but on the other hand there are some problems here too ( based on people that I met ), as:
    A) PvP ranking is unbalanced between servers ( I'm talking about EU servers because I don't know what is happening on the others ). ( That's no longer a big deal because there is not any official PvP system anymore ).
    B) Guild Tags, Names might cause some problems. In my opinion there are 2 possible solutions: 1) already existing guild in servers could stuck up like this 2 guilds in EU1 «Photo» or 2) Tags could be changed, for example they might be 4 characters instead of 3 ( guild Admirals would have to change their guild Tag to a new one with 4 letters ), this way the players will have the privilege to choose a Tag that they want in a selection of ≃2 billion possible Tags or so.
    C) Some other players say that getting some stuff (like moon set) in EU1 is more difficult than the EU4 for example (Moon set, Auction items e.t.c.),(Not always). It's normal for players to protest but me personally, I prefer playing in an active server instead of playing in a "dead" one. 'Please reply down below and tell me your opinion about it, I'm really curious to hear you out.

    ∘ My idea/suggestion about the merging problems is to create a new Europe server. Named EUROPE ( without any number, just EUROPE ). In this server all accounts and guilds will be together without any trouble because of the aforementioned solutions. Also EUROPE will have a NEW PVP system. First of all, lets see why PvP system was deleted. Players where taking advantage of it with PvP trading «related photo», multiple account exploiting e.t.c. and also PvP rewards/shop was very useful and company was losing money because of it ( players could easily play the game and get stronger very fast without paying not even one euro ), or at least this is why I think they deleted it. But in the NEW PVP system, those problems are no longer existing. It will be the latest PvP system but with some balance changes such as:
    1. All items in the Skull shop will be more expensive than they where ( even double the price )
    2. Losing and getting PvP points and skulls will be the same amount, for example: Present PvP system, killing a Piranha ship while using a Piranha ship will give you 6 skulls, but if you die from it you will lose 3 . In the NEW PvP system killing a Piranha While using a Piranha will give you 6 skulls and dying from it will lose you the same amount ( 6 ). This way PvP trading will be impossible. Multiple account exploiting will be also impossible because admins will handle it with the same way present arena multiple team exploit works ( Admins will compare the IP of the accounts and if it is the same then the accounts will get a penalty, or however they do it, I'm not sure I'm just guessing ).
    If there is a new EUROPE server, that means that all admins of all Europe servers will unite together. So it will be a lot easier to handle a lot of problems if they are or just to share the work and be faster and better service. Also Facebook page and generally social media will help too, if there is at least one man in the Facebook page to post new events, updates, promo codes e.t.c.
    I believe that if, for example, there are ~100 active players in every Europe, That means that in the new EUROPE there will be 400 active players and a lot more will come back because of the new changes and the overgrowth of the population of the game. Also, it will be possible again to get some items in the arena because it will be active ( as we all know it's almost impossible to get some items from the arena anymore, for example: arena deck ).
    There are also some other changes that might help the game to be a lot more active again such as: New maps, New bonus maps, New items sets, New cannons, New special items, New arena game mode (5v5 every 1 hour wth some diamond and bundle icon rewards for example), New ship e.t.c. But I think that this changes can wait a little bit ( this are not as important as the other ones )

    Lastly I want to say that I really loved the game and I don't want it to be forgotten. I have hope and faith. Lets give to Pirate Storm one more chance to be great again. Please vote and say your ideas and opinions about that, I really want to hear you out. Share it, Like it if you did and thank you very much for your time ! Have a nice day !

    Your Old Happy Pirate,

    ~Best Regards.
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  2. I agree with every statement here. Greatly written.
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  4. Old.Player

    Old.Player User

    You are right my friend i started this game on eu3 at 2012 and i really loved it we all should try and make that game greate again
  5. That's what I like to hear...:):) this new europe server sounds really interesting...lets hope for the best
  6. I cannot agree more with you this is the best thread on this forum by far
  7. Eimoun

    Eimoun User

    I agree 100%, very good statement, I hope they change some things.
  8. Estack

    Estack User

    Guild and player level 100
    Policies catch at auction
    Elimination of loss of skulls
  9. StormKidd

    StormKidd User

    Too much hope for this little answer.

    I am totally against merging the servers.


    -The time difference between EU1 and EU4

    The cheater accounts not yet fixed. Just watch some videos or even wander the battlefields

    on some servers and you will understand right away.

    I took 6 years to set up my account and I do not shout at all, playing with wretched worms who have
    benefited from admin help or who use their Golem because they are more complex due to the lack of game skills.
  10. Hello StormKidd,

    I totally understand what's your point. I'm not sure if time difference make any sense, because I play in EU1 and the daily events change every 2 AM. So its already unbalanced the time between players.
    About that:
    As I already said,
    I agree with you in some points and it is totally normal for players to protest about it. ( Not always. example: last blood moon auction EU1 «photo1» and EU2 «photo2» and a lot of time too ) but I agree with your statement.
    But believe me, I play in EU1 and I got some stuff in the blood moon auction a LOT more expensive than other Europe servers. But I prefer playing in a nice new active server with a new PvP system than just playing in a server with few people and no PvP system and almost no content, I hope that other people who created a strong ship in EU1 a little bit harder than others will make an exception/compromise to this change. Also about that:
    , this is almost unavoidable, I mean that doesn't change in any server ( in EU1 there are ≃20-30 people using farming bots and maybe Admin help ). And when I said almost it's because I hope that in the new EUROPE server, more admins and developers are going to work, so that means that better, faster, more effective and objective service/work will be done.

    I personally think that the reward/result is bigger and better than the required patience.
    Thank you for answering, please let me know what you think :).

    Have a nice day,

    ~Best Regards.
  11. I totally agree with your statement. I play on EU4 and there are severe people having their account boosted by admins. I play 7 years and i still dont have full lvl 3 bombastics just because i dont have admin friends..
  13. Hello and good afternoon,

    Thank you very much for your reply ✫☠✫.

    I see a lot of people complaining about AHAB ship, a lot of my friends too. I personally really like the ship and I use it a lot, this idea about the fishing ship was great. But from another more objective point of view, this ship is really over powered. That's why I ( a fan of AHAB ) agree about "nerfing" (balancing) it. Completely removing it from the general gameplay would not make all players happy, removing the privilege of shooting other players could be bad idea too because it would have been an easy target for others. So my "best" (in my opinion) idea was to reduce the damage of it to other players [ Damage to players -50% ]. I also want to know what other people would recommend.

    Have a nice day,

    ~Kind Regards.
  14. Atello

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    Hello! What is the point in the new pvp system if the total number of skulls in the game does not increase? All players have 10 skulls. I take 10 skulls from you and you take 10 from me. As a result, their number in the game will not increase. The maximum that will happen is all the skulls will be taken by one strong player. What's the point?! haha :) :) :)
    Think all ;)!
  15. Hello Atello and good afternoon,

    That was just a suggestion, my idea was to "balance" the PvP system in order to convince BigPoint to do it. I thought that it could be better this way because one major reason the old PvP was deleted was because of skull/PvP points trading. That's why I asked from other people to express their opinions about it and I thank you very much too. Also I believe that:
    (in my opinion) It's not really true because in a fight ( big or not ) there are a lot of possibilities and opportunities to do as a strong players (or not), it is possible to "steal" kills as a "newbie" or try harder (than the old days) to get a kill. But again, this is just an idea/suggestion. (another idea) It could be the same skull/PvP point losing/winning as the last PvP system but the change could be in the prices, as an example doubling or tripling the prices of the skull shop could be a good "nerf" in the PvP system. I'd love to hear other people opinions about the system and all together making/suggesting the best possible NEW PvP system in the game.

    Have a nice day,

    ~Kind Regards.
  16. Great topic. i hope it'll be considered.
    i agree with everything. Obviously i would like some little changes but what you stated it would be great, if implemented.
    Just another thing that should be seriously nerfed alongside the achab is the power of the admins in banning accounts or giving resources.