Suggestion make piratestorm great again.

Discussion in 'Update & Idea Pool' started by msp228, Jan 11, 2020.

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  1. msp228

    msp228 Forum-Greenhorn

    hello all. I'm an old player in this great gold game in eu1. but now there are very low players in all servers. I have some ideas about making this game great again and full of players and most players left the game because of a low number of players.
    1-add new maps and new missions.
    2-an endless mode game like attacking an NPC island which grows level by level and has its own special items and points which reset each weak.
    3-old PVP ranking like many other players asked.
    4-new bonus maps and items.
    5-merging servers and put players in one server to fight against each other.
    6-new auction items in smugglers bay like rare blood items which players want to
    buy and spend diamonds for them.
    7-update level of players to 60 and guilds too.
    8-add new currency to the game like a red diamond which can be used to buy its own ships
    in the grade of a gladiator.
    9-add new defenses for guilds island to make it harder to raid an island like invasion maps.
    10-build new bonus maps only for diamonds or golds.
    11-build new battle which is a fight between guilds in their own islands or controlling game zones by guilds and gives them some abilities in those zones.
    12:new duel system which you can bet on one side to win or lose items or etc.
    or you can develop arenas to a new level like we have to use 2,3,... ships of us and when one destroyed we have to use another one to continue to fight and win or lose. cannons on a destroyed ship are now allowed to be used on other ships.
    thanks for spending your time to read my ideas
    please sign this topic to make game developers read this topic and if you have new ideas please write it here.
    a lover of the game:)
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  2. Elhor

    Elhor Forum-Greenhorn

    I agree with you.
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  3. ScaryFatPirate

    ScaryFatPirate Forum-Apprentice

    Hello msp228,

    First, I want to say thanks for your really interesting and brilliant ideas.

    But the most important issue at this moment is that if the developer team (which according to what WaterWillow said in THIS page, is only one person for PirateStorm!) is going to port the game to other gaming programming languages, as Flash support will end at the end of this year and browsers will stop supporting its plug-in soon afterwards.

    We all love this game but there's nothing about PirateStorm in the BigPoint's news page which makes us feel worry!

    Best wishes.
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  4. Gyilkos1996

    Gyilkos1996 Forum-Greenhorn

    Again brilliant ideas.I think ist time to somehow force BP to make an official statement regarding the future of Pirate Storm,becouse in this momet we are kept in dark,nobody can give us useful infos about the future of this game,and becouse of the confusion nobody want to spend money in a game wich easily can be closed in few months.I dont realy know the procedure but is there a posibility to write a petition wich can be signed from the active players?
    Can somebody help us redacting a petition?

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