Merge the servers

Discussion in 'Update & Idea Pool' started by [[$TAR$CR3AM]], Jul 13, 2016.

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put 2 servers together

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  1. DO IT
  2. saeed1202

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  3. =^ᴥ^=

    =^ᴥ^= User

    JUST DO IT! :D
  4. Making a new server and giving all players from any server this option to move their accs to it will be better in my opinion. Because some of players have paid and played too much to be in the situation they are now and obligating them to leave that is not fair!
    Merging will ruin the pvp ranking.
    And do you really believe that those who have destroyer in eu1 are as same as those in arab server?!
    How about making a new server and motivating players to move to it by some new features (like ahap2 and destroyer2 and absolutely a new fair version of arena) only possible in that server?
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  5. Make a server, merge the servers... Just do something.
  6. PaganHorde

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    Merging will ruin the pvp ranking.

    Pvp ranking value is non-existent. Better merge servers and make the new PvP rank system. Delete the existing pvp ranks and make a new - year's pvp winner. Who has years of PVP Top 1 can get a special award. Some new good special deck.
  7. PaganHorde

    PaganHorde User

    I think it could devote this way.

    EUR 1 /EUR4
    EUR3 /EUR2/German
    US1 / Latin/Arabia

    This would provide enough new activity and avoid server overload.
  8. that would be dumb lol u merge the 2 best eu1 and eu4 then put us server with 2 other dead ones no thx u should never write in forum again haha j/k or am i
  9. I was talking about the position not the prize of it.
    You can't believe how much strong players in eu1 has paid to buy a new acc which the only difference is the pvp ranking or some of players have played 24/7 to reach sea demon.
    I'm not one of them but it's not fair to ruin what they have!
  10. PaganHorde

    PaganHorde User

    it is really hard to believe. It seems that people do not have their own lives. If a virtual ranking will make happy ..
  11. PaganHorde

    PaganHorde User

    Franky i dont care any eur servers=P. But Latin is most active server here. Arabia is most dead.
  12. *TavernMinx*

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  13. TavernMinx---just make them walk the plank anyways, they're all scurvy :p
  14. fix the bugs would be the best thing to do and fire the techs not doing their jobs to fix the bugs
  15. Moose357

    Moose357 User

    But that won't solve the problem of not having enough players.. lol
  16. Elceknar

    Elceknar User

    During the events, it is very hard to get into a battlefield. With the servers combined it would near impossible.
  17. Synalith

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    Actually this would fix the problem. the reason BG rolls so much in Us1 is because not enough players play it while on Eu1 it goes constantly and little players get in alot more.
  18. Moose357

    Moose357 User

    Synalith is absolutely right.