Please, bring back the "Guild letter 50"

Discussion in 'Update & Idea Pool' started by -Vangarath-, Feb 16, 2020.

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  1. Dear Developers. Previously, the game had the opportunity to avoid gaining experience for the player using Miscellaneous - "Guild letter 50". Which turned off experience accumulations for the player and gave 50% of guild experience. And also, a 30 minute cooldown playing time. Now this miscellaneous item gives 10% experience for the player and 50% experience for the guild, as well as a 60 minute cooldown playing time. In the process of the game, I do not want to earn experience and increase the level of the player, as this forcibly drives me to the location of the open PVP. Please return the opportunity to play the game without gaining experience, return the initial characteristics of the "Guild letter 50" - 0% of experience to the player, 50% of the guild experience and cooldown 30 min. playing time. Or please, add some alternative "Guild letter" to the game, with which you can avoid gaining experience for the player. Thanks to this, I can continue to play this wonderful game and invest.
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    Time to grow and become an adult :)
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    Sorry to break your dreams, but this is so far not a priority for the future of the game(If there is one of course)
  4. You are right, it is not a priority. But who knows when this game will be improved or will it be improved at all? And from other side changing "Guild letter 50" it is only config editing. There is no need to make a massive code or graffical changes, or create something new or adapt something. There is no any hard work for changing "Guild letter 50" stats.

    This game lost so many players for past 3 year. Maybe because there was no major improvements, maybe because of a balance changes. But still I am and some other people waiting for better times for this awesome game. And even if those times will never come for me will be enough for now to play without experience gain. Thru "Guild letter 50" without 10% exp. I could do that and play in those locations I like to play but not in locations I must to play with gaining level. :)
  5. I suggest that the guild letter 50 should give no experience whatsoever and that the cooldown should be reduced to 30 minutes as it was before.

    Please, @WaterWillow forward it to the development team, I believe that this is nothing hard to edit in the game code.
  6. The safe maps are only meant to give you time to gather some strength and knowledge before getting into the real game. They changed 50 letter on purpose, because it was not their intention to keep players camping in low levels and bullying new players. Now they just dont care much about it, but despite the fact I love the camping thing as well, the game is so empty now that it doesnt make much a difference to go for PVP maps. So they will not change this