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Discussion in 'Update & Idea Pool' started by sasacar98, Mar 17, 2020.

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Would you like this idea to be implemented, and make this game great again ?

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  1. sasacar98

    sasacar98 User

    I have an extraordinary idea. I would propose a new set bonuses because now you can get max 3 set bonuses(1 big, 1 small, moon). Because a lot of sets are unused and outclassed by others, i would propose that in order to get that sets( that would be global = on all ships, like moon), you will need to max it on one ship, for example buthu set, that would require buthu frigate, or ice set that would require blizzard set etc... After you max that set you would get small bonus of some kind on all ships. The game would be more expanded and you will need more diamonds to spend in order to get more bonuses. Also you can make new set with that mine items from winter event that noone buys. You can also create new sets, and make rainbow of possibilities with all new possible upgrades. People will like it and you will solve problem of so many worthless improvements, also there are players now that are max and stop playing because dont have anything else to do. Also let me know if you like the idea by voting yes or no. :)
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  2. [EVO]JandT

    [EVO]JandT User

    I am accrod with you very good idea, vote in favor
  3. Pirate`s

    Pirate`s User

    I think a new small set would be great so the actual small became medium. My opinion, guild set would be the best match with following bonuses: cannon scatter -5%, harpoon scatter -5%, 1500 Max. Hit Points, Mermaid's Blessing (when an ally is within 350 radius, grants 1% critical resistance per second, can be stacked 3 times).

    Guild deck (Last month's Top 10)
    Extra cannons 10, Extra harpoon launchers 6, unsinkable

    Guild bulkhead (replace the regular one, Last month's Top 3)
    3650 Max. Hit Points

    Guild flag (8000 Plunder points)
    Max. Weapon Range +10
    Max. Range of Sight +10

    Guild reinforced ribs (Last month's Top 1)
    1200 Max. Hit Points
    Extra deck durability +30

    Guild deck: 50,000 diamonds
    Guild bulkhead: 25,000 diamonds
    Guild flag: 1,100,000 gold
    Guild reinforced ribs: 28,500 diamonds

    This idea would encourage players to join guilds and play together arenas, battlefields and guild islands attacks or invasions.
  4. sasacar98

    sasacar98 User

    sound very nice i like it