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  1. Proto

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    Hey there, I used to play the game maybe 8 years ago in Spanish, but I remember we had a mechanic to earn skulls by killing other players, and we could trade them for equipment and ships. The thing is that before leaving the game for so long, I rememeber I had a piranha, and later I bought the Dhuka, the ship I'm using now. And the best part is that I cant even check my skulls, but when I get killed, it says that I lost some. I'd like to know if it's a thing of the EU1 server only, or the mechanic got partially removed, or that I'm not searching properly.
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    Ahoy Proto,

    Please use the search feature offered in the Forum to prevent duplicate posts.

    The following Link is one of the many posts concerning skulls and that may be beneficial. The issue with viewing skulls is across all servers not just the EU1 Server.

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