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  1. What does adding new hardware in the shipyard do?
  2. Hello, if you want to talk about adding equipment, buying a new loadout for 10,000 diamonds allows you to buy other improvements or decks and replace them with other improvements without destroying them permanently but by swapping.

    For example if you have the eagle might set and the winter set on your ship, you want to keep them but you want to replace these improvements with others, you buy a new loadout to install the pentar set and the halloween set.

    You can buy others loadouts if you want buy some others improvements (buthu set, summer set etc..)

    Hoping to have answered your question.

    From memory the price of a purchase of a first loadout costs 10,000 and costs more over time. I could not tell you the maximum number of loadout that can be purchased for a ship.

    You can't buy a loadout for all of your ships. You will have to repeat the operation on each different ship.

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    A simple search would have provided the following: Loadouts

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