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    What are Load-outs?

    · Starting as of now, decks and upgrades shall be equipped on the load-outs. And since you can have multiple load-outs for a ship, you can now have different decks and upgrades for a ship and switch them as seen fit.

    Where can I purchase load-outs and how many are available?

    · You can buy up to ten load-outs in the Wharf.

    Can I move load-outs to other ships?

    · No, it is not possible to do this. Load-outs are bound to ships and cannot be moved to other ships.

    Can I move decks/upgrades from one load-out to another?

    · Yes, it is possible to do this. You can move all decks and upgrades from one load-out to another. Please note, however, that you will exchange upgrades/decks, should they use the same spot in the load-out (Bell replaces bell, for example, Dark Cry replaces Sonic Bell, etc.).
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