End of Pirate Storm?

Discussion in 'General Archive' started by ʀicɑʀɗѳɱɑʀtiɳs, Aug 5, 2020.

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  1. Is there any risk of the Pirate Storm ending? How did it happen with Battlestar Galactica Online? To just shut down the servers?
  2. Estack

    Estack User

    Yes, because there has been no news from Bigpoint for too long.
  3. most likely from January 1.
  4. Gergely12

    Gergely12 User

    is it an official information or just guessing?
  5. 1jaguar1

    1jaguar1 User

    Probably 01.01.2021
  6. as I wrote earlier, the game still works on the flash player, and it closes on January 1.
  7. LtPumphrey

    LtPumphrey User

    They are closing it and getting it ready to put on the Mars mission for entertainment. Elon has given his permission for it to be used in beta form for the moon landing teams and should be ready for the Mars launch in late 2024 for use in the first launch in 2025.
  8. 1jaguar1

    1jaguar1 User

    on January 1st the game will be gone?
  9. If this game close, in first bigpoint will give this informations and in second, stop say what you listen, the game will not close before 2022. There are 1year and more of transition about flash player, last MAJ is in december 2020, so you have again many times for play. So stop ask all time for nothing and go play in game like if today was the last. Same for all others days.
  10. LtPumphrey

    LtPumphrey User

  11. As a game enthusiast and an active buyer of diamonds, I was wondering what the big point will do with the end of the flash player on 12/31?
  12. Kenczapi

    Kenczapi User

    As long as game is profitable then game servers will probably stay up
  13. arch-567

    arch-567 User

    Hello ʀicɑʀɗѳɱɑʀtiɳs!

    Maybe, but LooK this: Just a thought

    We'll see what happens... What is clear is that the profitability of Pirate Storm will be decisive for the Company Shareholders and Board Directors continuing with the game (Maybe downloadable?)


    What can we do as players?
    1. Asking in the forum ... although most likely not even the support will have that information.
    2. Trying to enjoy Pirate Storm (despite its "little things") until the end.
    3. Caring for and helping new players to grow (as others did with me/us).
    4. If you have been playing for a while, trying to contact / recover old players or friends and remember and relive old moments: attack islands, Battlegrounds, arenas, events, pvp (I like old system)...
    Yes, we already know that "they" have solved "another problems" Almost all pirate storm players have always contributed with many ideas but haven't been updated the game for a long time, and currently there are other games that also hit hard ...

    Do you really like Pirate Storm?
    Do you really want Pirate Storm survives the *** MODERATED *** Flash Player?

    If the game doesn't matter you DON'T continue reading please. What *** MODERATED *** are you doing here?

    Yes? Are you sure? Some of us do!
    Perfect, let's play and enjoy the game until the end ...

    Maybe, I'm *** MODERATED *** but there're still players who love this game and YES some of us spend our money here from time to time, why not? People spend their money (if they have it) on what they want... Why don't we support to the game we like?
    • Many of us know the Flash problem and maybe some of us are *** MODERATED *** but we don't care... What could we do? We aren't the owners of the game only are the customers, it's his decission...
    • Some of us are enyoining the game until the end, therefore only some of us could always say that it was nice while it lasted ... ^^
    • ***Maybe is the time to think about a players meeting only for speaking about... maybe in a Public TS... maybe it could be good for ALL the players and for THE GAME "hearing opinions and exchange impressions", maybe...***
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  14. Jolly-Bonesjack

    Jolly-Bonesjack Board Administrator Team Pirate Storm

    Ahoy Pirates

    The development team is working on the issue.

    Best Regards!

    ~~Question Answered~~

    ~~Thread Closed~~
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