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  1. Good evening,

    I come to you with some realisations I (and a lot of other people) have on the arenas.

    1v1: Everything is fine, people are playing it thankfully, even if the rewards are the most useless out of the three arenas.

    2v2: A lot of people are getting banned, for "pushing" in this arena, just because they are playing against their own guild on different occasions BECAUSE THERE IS NOONE ELSE to play against. On the other hand, playing in EU4 server I see, that some people, mostly from a specific guild, are pushing the arenas anyway, and nothing is being done against them, even if actions were taken against other, for doing the same stuff, aka pushing. If you want to prevent pushing, i suggest: either reduce the arena points required to reach the items, or regroup the awards mostly to 1v1 where they are actually reachable, and leave some in 2v2.

    3v3: Same as 2v2, nobody plays, and the players who try to gain some points for items, are getting banned for pushing. Another solution could be (also for 2v2), that towards the end of the season you DISBAND the teams which are provenly pushing for the Destroyer of Worlds, or all tema who played mass amount of games between each other from the same guild, or fake profiles, whatever, I could understand this, but you don't BAN the players for trying to achieve items to upgrade their already existing ships. Also as i said with 2v2, you should either replace the awards of 3v3 to 2v2 or 1v1, or reduce the points required to get them.

    You had a long time, where the game was declining, and only old players were playing who didn't care about items anymore, but with the quarantine and the bonus codes sent out, a lot of players have returned and/or started from zero, so you can NOT ignore the fact anymore, that the game is absolutely against the progress of the smaller players, and there is almost zero option of progression. Everything, that made the game popular, and tempting for new players, the old PVP system with the skulls and ships, the arenas with the ACHIEVABLE awards, ARE GONE, and now is the time you HAVE TO DO something about it.

    The time has come for Pirate Storm to rise, and for the people in charge to realise it!

    I won't send this letter to support, hundreds of letters have been sent to support by players from all across the globe, without any kind of answer. I suppose the support team cares more, if they see a letter like this forwarded by someone from their actual colleagues, so my dear Forum Moderator friends, if you want this game to be the amazing game that we once loved, forward my letter to the people in charge.

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    Latam 1 same <3 Go pirate sstorm UP UP UP
  4. I want a Unicorn. Can someone see if bigpoint have one for me :p
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    Cheating in arena is also a problem.
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  7. it's too bad i would have been convinced and i would have approved your comment if only you too had not taken advantage of all these things. :(
  8. Unfortunatly BP won't do anything to save its game
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  9. What do you mean?
  10. 2v2 and 3v3 arena season 45 europe 4 isn't it white shy think a bit :(
  11. In my opinion it is a shame to read rumors or to denounce to divide people, instead of bringing ideas for the interest of the entire gaming community.

    In order to find a compromise which i hope will allow better distribution of the articles to agree everyone and propose this idea to the technical team of Bigpoint, i propose some arrangements like this in order to move the following elements from an arena to another:

    -Reflecting Aura 1vs1 to 3vs3
    -Invasion Rocket 2vs2 to 3vs3
    -Iron Ration 2vs2 to 3vs3
    -Arena Quick Reload 2vs2 to 3vs3

    -Battle Bell 3vs3 to 2vs2
    -Arena Tween Deck 3vs3 to 2vs2
    -Arena Plates 3vs3 to 2vs2
    -Arena Mast 3vs3 to 2vs2
    -Inhuman shriek 1vs1 to 2vs2

    -Steam hammer 2vs2 to 1vs1

    Thanks to take the time to read this suggestion.
    Good game to all.
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