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  1. I came back to play a bit after a long break of many years lol. I try to get into arena or battlegrounds and all I ever get is its full and put on waiting list, but never get a match?
  2. after the '' update '' the active players are no longer playing, according to what I saw 90% are playing lol which obviously does not match reality, who can log in simply does not feel like doing anything due to the lack of more opponents on the maps
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  3. And its always the same player who get access to battlefield, the other day i waited 3 hours to try to get in one field, without success... THANKS Bigpoint for your broken game !
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    Hey bud its Hot shot Rob here come over to *EDIT* and look me up there. some real good fench players there you would like it there.
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    Ahoy USS*LiBeRtY,

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