Worth playing for new players?

Discussion in 'Players' Corner' started by ldragosl, Aug 18, 2020.

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Worth it?

  1. Yes

  2. No

  3. Definetly not

  4. Only enjoyable for old (high level) players

  1. ldragosl

    ldragosl User

    So, i just made my account today (EU4), and i've noticed that the servers are quite empty, (played about 4 hours and i haven't seen a player), will i find more players once i reach the PVP servers (9th map as far as i understood) or is the game completly dead?
  2. ldragosl

    ldragosl User

    Well, after one day of playing i am 100% sure that the game is completly dead. I couldn't find a single soul anywhere.
  3. Kenczapi

    Kenczapi User

    I started playing 2 weeks ago and I'm enjoying it. Even though 99.99% of players can kill me sometimes when they notice that You are newbie they may even help You, as it happened to me. So it really depends if You are patient enaugh to grind for some time, till You get strong ship with some quality equipment :)
  4. I have been playing for seven years now. Still see other players daily.
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  5. hanc

    hanc User

    takm tu po dlhom case ale us to nehra skoro nikto
  6. perez_099

    perez_099 User

    en eu3 hay bastante gente, y siempre te encuentras gente en practicamente todos los mapas.
  7. EU 3,4 are dead,EU 1 is the most active.
  8. Damqn78

    Damqn78 User

    In eu4 there are many players and active guilds
  9. Good joke:)
  10. Lannavo

    Lannavo User

    Why don't they combine the servers? I am in eu2 with my best ships and don't think i will restart on another server, although i would like to take all my stuff and go to an active one
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  11. ąfiną

    ąfiną User

    Ca vaut le coût à fond !
    C'est le meilleur jeu Ever

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