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  1. How do I unlock the workshop?

    To unlock the workshop in the harbor, you must first successfully complete the "Old Habitus, Diehard" quest (First Mate). Once finished, you'll find the workshop in every harbor.

    How can I improve my weapon?

    While visiting the workshop, you can click on a weapon from your inventory to place it into a free slot. You can then start the upgrade process at any time by clicking on "Upgrade."

    Are all my weapons shown in the improvement menu?

    No. Only cannons and harpoon launchers are available for weapons crafting.

    What are upgrades good for?

    Upgrades enhance your cannon or harpoon launcher to a higher level. This means they cause more damage or scatter less. While visiting the weaponsmith, you can review which of your current weapons are eligible for upgrading. You'll also be shown the exact benefits from the next enhancement level and what it costs.

    Which weapons can I upgrade?

    All cannons and harpoon launchers currently in your inventory can be upgraded. That said, certain level limits apply to weaponsmiths: simple weapons require a lower level, while high-quality weapons require a higher level. There are 5 weaponsmith levels in all.

    How can I increase my weaponsmith's level?

    There are 2 options for increasing the weaponsmith level. Either you send the weaponsmith for training or you can upgrade an unlocked weapon. You'll receive Profession XP for either choice. Once you've collected enough Profession XP, your weaponsmith will level up and more weapons will be unlocked.

    What is the benefit of training?

    Training increases the skill of your weaponsmith. With the completion of a training level, the

    weaponsmith receives more experience points and you'll be rewarded with several materials. The training is broken down into a "Basic Training" and an "Advanced Training" phase. Both training blocks include one short and one long training level. It's important to keep training your weaponsmith so that he collects Profession XP, because some upgrade steps can only be performed by higher level weaponsmiths. Training costs money, but delivers both Profession XP and certain materials.

    How many levels can your weapons have?

    Starting immediately, your cannons and harpoon launchers have levels, ranging from 1 (low) to 5 (high). In general, a cannon or harpoon launcher will only be of level 3 or lower.

    Are there different kinds of upgrades?

    Yes. Each upgrade improves the selected weapon. Some upgrades are "Effective Upgrades," and actually return back a few of the materials required for the process. Superior upgrades convert the selected weapon into a weapon of the next-higher category — meaning a 12-pounder becomes an 18-pounder.

    How do I select between Effective or Superior upgrades?

    You can't select between the type of upgrade. You'll receive a normal, effective or superior upgrade randomly, although normal upgrades will be the most frequent, of course.

    What happens if a weapon has reached its maximum level?

    If you upgrade a weapon that has achieved the maximum level within its category, then a superior upgrade is performed to upgrade the weapon to the next-higher category. If a weapon cannot be further upgraded because it has reached the highest level in the highest category, then it will not be shown in the workshop.

    Can I speed up the upgrade process?

    Yes. As soon as an upgrade is started, you can click on "Finish Now" to complete the upgrade process using diamonds. The price in diamonds is based on the remaining time and type of job. High-quality weapons take longer to upgrade and are thus more expensive. The same applies to training your weaponsmith.

    Will I be informed if an upgrade or training is completed?

    Yes, a system message reports to you immediately once a job is completed. No notification will be sent if you were offline when the job was completed.

    Do I need to retrieve my improved weapons from the workshop?

    Yes. The weapon or training will remain in the crafting slot until retrieved. Only then will it appear in your inventory again.

    Can I upgrade cannons or harpoon launchers on my ship?

    No. Only cannons and harpoon launchers currently in your inventory can be upgraded.

    Can I cancel an upgrade once underway?

    No, once the weaponsmith has started an upgrade, he'll complete the job until finished.

    Can I upgrade more than one weapon at once?

    Yes. You must first unlock additional slots. You can do so by increasing your weaponsmith's level.
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