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  1. The following will help you understand the workshop found in your Guild Island.

    This is where you can build items for use in the game. If you have previously purchased the blueprints through the Headquarters. These blueprints need to be unlocked with Plunder Points your guild acquires by successfully plundering other guild's islands.

    Below you will find a photo containing the information on each item / blueprint available for purchase.

    Each item requires your Guild's Workshop to be a certain level before you can build that item.

    Each item has a set time it takes to make the item.

    The advantage of buying the blueprints is the cost is gold to build the item.


    Example a stack of ten (10) Guild Letters 100 will cost you 750 diamonds for the blueprint but only twenty thousand (20,000) gold and thirty ( 30 ) minutes to build. You can have one ( 1 ) item building while several more in the cue to be built. The number in the cue or waiting to be built is determined by the level of the Workshop.
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