Why Does BP refuse to fix battlefileds

Discussion in 'General Archive' started by brutality, Jan 21, 2015.

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  1. yes something needs to be done

  2. no nothing is wrong and game is perfect the way it is

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  2. I think The CEO of BP promised us something good for year 2015, let us see does he keep his promises.
  3. they (BP) go out of their way to keep guilds from teaming up on the death jaunt Battleground; yet they seem to encourage it on all the others? something sounds fishy about that
  4. brutality

    brutality User

    to quote Max Grand "There is absolutely something wrong with battle fields on the US1 server, but blaming in on my guild is not the solution. It might be BP's fault, but somehow I doubt this as well. The problem lies just like in arena in the players, either lacking the amount of players to play or the simple unwillingness to play arena or battle fields. I started a account on Euro4 last night to test my theory and lo and behold here I am today in a frigate level 20 clicking the ready button for battlefield and getting in :eek:. Contrary to what the player's of US1 believe the same thing happens in Euro4 people lose and they lose big there as well. Guess what not a single person cries in chat about the game or guilds they click the button and go back in. What we have here is the good old sense of entitlement of the twenty first century American attitude. I went in I should have won a medal! I lost they must be cheating or paying BP to all get on the same team! Stop it people play or don't I am so tired of the whining I and several other of my guild mates would love nothing more than BP allowing us to move our accounts to another server. Then everyone could be happy play the game for "free" and everyone would win everything they participated in. :rolleyes:"

    I perosnally have not said it is anyones fault other than BP and trying to get them to see there is a problem matter of fact I am the one that said that yall have every right to play, But it has been stated over and over that BP doesnt put guildies against guildes, since this is case then you have what we have now, unfair pairing system. yall have strong players noone is knocking that, the issue is how they( BP) puts teams together, as someone else stated they have went to extremes for Death jaunt to Not be controlled by changing it so why not change the others? or change how the system pairs teams?
    The other thing is why cant the server have rational discussion without 1 side calling out another,and same goes for if there is legitimate complaint, why are they all of sudden whining??? If only 1 or 2 then maybe that could be said, but by looks of it, this effects far more players than what some could call a few whiners. Not only that but give some credit, instead of calling players names, why dont you try to come up with solution also???
    it was also stated that those of us that been here Long time had to go through it and so should everyone else.. answer to this is simply, everyone didnt like it then and asked for it to be corrected, same thing we are doing now...
    So please dont call out others in this thread.... either state what you think and suggestions on how to make it better( such as others have) or simply dont comment and simply vote
    I and the rest of those this affects are trying to make this game better and to give everyone atleast a fair chance on getting on random teams, and that is part of the issue, the same players on same team 98% of time!!! whether you are talking about the 1 guild(who most want to call out) or the opposite side of BF's, the teams are the same...
    If nothing else, the players who still need things should get 1st call in( per say) then fill in rest of spots with Random players who dont need coins. this alone would balance out the teams....
    So to all who comment on this thread please make suggestions on actually ways things could be improved instead of clling others names or putting others down.
    Make suggestions to improve the Game we All love and enjoy, so that the Dev's can see and hear different ideas than maybe they have thought about, so as to improve the game
    and thank you to all have replied and kept it civil
  5. We have to do something about our population problem, i'm going this calmly and peacefully as i can. Most of these current problems can be solved with just merging a server together, (which is quite easy considering it would only take 6 hours at the most since all you need to do is copy and paste our information onto the other server, best servers is the Euro servers). Every MMO game can do this since our information is on the servers so its there for the developers to just take some time and do this. When i joined this the server the game was amazing, so much people everywhere you went and i loved it and so did everyone else. Again this is a non aggressive approach to this and i hope that it can reach a developer to at least look at it in a short summery of the problem to spark his or hers interest.
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  6. Wedgewood

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    Please keep posts on topic or they may be deleted. :)
  7. EddyJazz

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    Thank you Wedgewood for hosting so properly this topic. It would be good, as well, to keep comments as short as possible. After all we are not talking about how to avoid World War III. :)
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