Why Does BP refuse to fix battlefileds

Discussion in 'General Archive' started by brutality, Jan 21, 2015.

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  1. yes something needs to be done

  2. no nothing is wrong and game is perfect the way it is

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  1. I do not understand how you can allow this to go on, BigPointe. You obviously care about how much money guys spend on diamonds and goodies very much, so why do you continue to want to hold this game back by allowing one guild (we all know who) to ruin not just this or any BG but the game in general? Being sunk one time buy a ship in open water is part of the game and very fun. But then the you-know-whos have to chain. Drives off not only new players but established ones as well. Smuggler's Bay is another prime example of you letting this game go wild. Have some respect for yourselves if not for all of us players that just want to have fun instead of continuing to cater to a handful of immature losers.
  2. ZZ143_200

    ZZ143_200 User

    Update to my earlier post of a match that ended 350-1.
    The next two matches ended 350-0 & 350-0. I will admit I didn't try very hard in the last two matches as we were up against the same "random" team in all three matches.
    It's too late to fix this battlefield but please please please fix the next one or like this one I won't be wasting my time trying. At least I'm saving diamonds by not having to buy battlefield insurance.
    I hope there are still enough players to fill matches by the end of the week.

    Can somebody please explain how in a "random" team event a player can have 138 wins and only 4 loses? 97% win rate.
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  3. eddhuy

    eddhuy User

    I reluctantly started to play another battlefield. I left shortly after it started, same thing going on. I certainly hope someone does more than look at the problem. Maybe BP needs to scrap the old battlefields and arenas and create something entirely different. The battle fields are fun and worth playing when not taken advantage of. This is a sorry state and I have to wonder why I bother logging on. I will continue to let the seals accumulate and will not be buying voodoo map pieces for a while.
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  4. Sounds good, Im happy to know that someone is giving it a thought, thanks for the answear :)
  5. EddyJazz

    EddyJazz User

    I would like to cast a vote, but honestly I had no problem so far with BF beside the usual lag. I'm sorry to see my friend and server-mate eddhuy is experiencing serious problems. I sincerely hope BP will fix any issue about this. I know money is good and a reasonable goal to BP, but without all the players playing for free and being often dummy targets for the more buffed, paying players this game would die. Please, give them some respect and attention. Thank you.
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  6. Wedgewood

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    You're welcome.

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  7. [-Lex-}

    [-Lex-} User

    I think if Big Point actually cared about fixing this issue they would have done it a long time ago. I really do not even know why I play this game anymore or care since they already screwed me over a couple of times and probably will screw me over more in the future.
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  8. i have 156 wins and 4 loses and to answer yr guys question about our guild being on the same team is cuz we have alot of people getting on at once and rdying up so they wont put guild m8s against each other and its not like we are not helping the lil players there is some that got there 300 conis cuz of them being on our team ;)
  9. Never said it was your guild but since you are admitting ....
  10. its not hard in knowing who u guys are talking about i know the one who posted the % of my wins was talking to me so i threw my input into it and its now 161 wins and 5 losses ;)
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  11. brutality

    brutality User

    "i have 156 wins and 4 loses and to answer yr guys question about our guild being on the same team is cuz we have alot of people getting on at once and rdying up so they wont put guild m8s against each other and its not like we are not helping the lil players there is some that got there 300 conis cuz of them being on our team ;)"

    SOrry i dont know how to do the grey part when you are quoting someone, so i
    apologize ,
    but.... the 2 or 3 that make it on the particular teams are a Far cry from the % that are on the 0 side and are getting 1 coin per match for almost every Bf they play which means basically that there are 5-7 on other side and if the same players get put this the same team 95%,
    the point of this thread is not calling 1 guild out for playing the game it is about whether or not soemthing needs to be done to switch teams around so that the teams and scores are closer which is the point of BF, so that Everyone has fair and honest chance of winning.. and how many are dealing with this issue so that BP Notices the problems that plague our server in the hopes of having is corrected!!!
  12. bp59

    bp59 User

    While I have not been playing a year yet, I feel that there is a systemic issue with both the Battlefields and arena's regarding a level battlefield. I stopped trying to play in the arena's early due to the inequalities of the current system. and BF's as they exist right now are a joke. in some the opposing team has overwhelmed the other and there is no way that the losing team can even make a interesting game of it. As I have grown as a player realized that this game is failing to keep new players due to this (how do I say it) glitch in which the teams are overwhelmingly one sided. while I still enjoy this game (my first) internet game something needs to be done.
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  13. its the samething happening when i first started to play all the strong players where in one guild and they whooped us all the time i did not come in here crying about unfair bgs get use to it untill bp changes it up and seeing has its been going on for 2 years i realy dont think they going to fix it or it would of been all ready fixed untill then have fun playing

    Quitters will be quitters and players will keep on playing
  14. yepp time to take a break form this game I really think they dont give a woot, send me a mail if you fix this
  15. There is no fun in that, you can either be beat down and quit playing or live long enough to be the bully. The forum dont cry about unfair BG's, the forum crys because of the in-game mechanics, which promises us fair BG's built on fair reasoning - But the in-game mechanics are broke and that causes the BG's to be unfair.
  16. This is insane! If this is true, I dont know what to say anymore... This sounds like a movie thriller, whaaaat?! (edit) The forum is now more fun to read than the game is to play. But im a little skeptical if it is true, any news articles available or information that may confirm this, without giving ''sensitive'' information?
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  17. Well, BG is ruined, Arena is ruined, at least we have the ship events.
  18. Well, this is a bit depressing to hear - with all this critic and Anikhte's statements, we still receive no officiel comment, I repeat, no comment of any kind, nothing. I personally can't play a browser game, where the dev's dont give an officiel comment on a thing with so much attention as this.

    I will start making my exit with this game, of course checking the forums for a while, if anything shows up - but as it stands now, there is nothing to show that the players are wrong in this matter and if Anikthe is right, I will not support any illegal activity made by the company and may justice be served to those responsible for it.
  19. MaxGrand

    MaxGrand User

    There is absolutely something wrong with battle fields on the US1 server, but blaming in on my guild is not the solution. It might be BP's fault, but somehow I doubt this as well. The problem lies just like in arena in the players, either lacking the amount of players to play or the simple unwillingness to play arena or battle fields. I started a account on Euro4 last night to test my theory and lo and behold here I am today in a frigate level 20 clicking the ready button for battlefield and getting in :eek:. Contrary to what the player's of US1 believe the same thing happens in Euro4 people lose and they lose big there as well. Guess what not a single person cries in chat about the game or guilds they click the button and go back in. What we have here is the good old sense of entitlement of the twenty first century American attitude. I went in I should have won a medal! I lost they must be cheating or paying BP to all get on the same team! Stop it people play or don't I am so tired of the whining I and several other of my guild mates would love nothing more than BP allowing us to move our accounts to another server. Then everyone could be happy play the game for "free" and everyone would win everything they participated in. :rolleyes:

    ANIKHTE User

    well i am in europe 4
    and the same problem is here
    1 guild always has 7 players in the same team
    1 specific guild no other guilds
    all other guilds have the players divided in the battleground but this guild has 7 players in the battlefront again and again and again

    so yes it is random sure
    for the rest of us
    not for some
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