Why Does BP refuse to fix battlefileds

Discussion in 'General Archive' started by brutality, Jan 21, 2015.

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  1. brutality

    brutality User

    Why does Bp refuse to fix the bf issues or refuse to see that it is a problem on Huge scale, here is why: U have 6-8 players form 1 guild on same team always and when they have 12 readied up they basically control both bf's!! i understand they want to play and they should be able to but,it is to point where they are controlling it and that should not be, they are preventing many smaller players form getting more than 1 point at a time, yes 1 or 2 smaller players that manage to end up on that team get 3 points, but the 6 or so on other team are consistently getting 1 point. which will cost them and BP(they dont get the points they dont get decks Bp doesnt get the ds spent). For some reason how the system is set up it refuses to put guildies against guildies and then 1 group controls it, again i understand they want and should be able to play, but BP is multi million dollar company with some Brilliant people that work there, they should be able to come up with a fix..
    We need more players, if BP cant figure way to advertise and get more people interested then merge servers with another slow server to get more players, but it is getting ridiculous.
    Most would say that i am whining and complaing but i am speaking the truth and most would agree if they dont speak up and many many do and have, this issue of 1 guild conroling bf has been going on since (edit) days. this game should not be able controling it,( yes most would like to but it should be even as possible then if 1 can control it, thats fine. but.... when you have 1 guild that most everyone in that guild hits over 4k and all other guilds only have a cple that hit that, there is No way to compete, and that makes game not only boring but makes it to where no one wants to spend $$ and this hurt not only us the players but it hurts BP. I do not understand how BP cant understand this concept?? Why would I or anyone else want to spend all kinds of DS on consumables to try to compete but when the score is 350 - 50 or some have been 350 -0, why would anyone want to spend diamonds, or even go into a bf when its like that, its not fun, its not a competition, and it makes it to where most doesnt even want to bother with it.
    the bad part is it seems amusing to them, they enjoy it, call players out on it and then says their whining when someone brings it up then they bash them , call them whiners and complainers
    If someone doesnt see this as a problem, then they are part of the problem
    the other big issue is this:there are to to many smaller players that get rolled (or bf full) not just once or twice, but for HOURS on end, some get rolled for 3-4-5 hours at time with maybe only getting in 1 or 2 times in that time frame!! most times the only way some get in is if a bigger players backs out at last second, the way to fix this is simple, there should be more smaller players in bf than big hitters, big hitters already have everything they need, everything is unlocked!! its the newer players who need it the most!!! so make the majority of the teams those that need it or hit 1-3k damage then use big hitters as fill ins, and this would do several things, 1 allow smaller players to get what they need easier,2 would even out the teams and no one guild would control it, 3- it would make it fun 4 make it worth playing. and again most would say im whining , complaining, but i speak the truth, i couldnt even count the tickets that have been put in concerning getting rolled by small players, by others complaining about it being controlled. and it is nto so much that, but its not fun, not worth spending consumables on it, whenyou have 5 or 6 boats going after the bigger hitters on other team, you dont stand chance that way, I will ask it in business sense which way would make BP more money( cuz BP isnt doing this for free they want $$$$) have it to where more can unlock decks, consumables, and then buy those things or the little bit from the bigger players who have everything, or from the bigger players who are trying to use everything just to stay alive and who are trying to help their team so they can get things unlocked???? i guarantee the 1st part makes more $$$
    SO not only am i trying to present what is a major problem with the game i am trying to offer solutions on how to fix it and in Very easy ways.
    This server is dieing and unless BP does soemthign All of our $$ we spent wil be for nothing, so either BP needs to fix it or it just goes to prove they are milking it for every penny they can get form us and they dont care. I really would like to think that Yall(BP) ar trying to keep the game we love going and coming up with solutions to make it better here, Yall are trying with adding new things( consumables, improvements, even trying to fix Death jaunt) but unless you address this issue all the hours, the man power and all the $$$ we spent will ALL be for Nothing!!!
    This is just like the arena's , (edit)simply looking at the amount of matches played, the amount of teams that have 0 wins and 15 loses, or simply look at the amount of teams that have played, the numbers dont match up with how many wins, i mean how can someone have 172 and 172 wins when the next 3 teams have almost as many wins with hardly No losses??? How is this possible??? ITS NOT!!!! why does no one look at these things even when someone brings it to BP's attention, better yet why cant BP (edit), same with BF's, why doesnt anyone from BP attempt to play this server and see first hand the problems we are having,?? Noone has doen that since (edit) which is a real shame!!! atleast he tried to make things better, he brought things to BP that were issue and tried to get them fixed) why hasnt anyone else even tried to do the same thing????
    Please take notice of these things, please take it as something that needs to be fixed and not just to be swept under the rug or say that, oh its just 1 person seeing these things. If anyone, someone from BP would actually play this server they would clearly see what is going on, then maybe just maybe it would improve!!
    I wish this game would get fixed, I truly miss the way it was( the way it could be again) it is a utter shame that is has gotten this bad and i want to see it get better, get fixed, for anyone at BP to notice that We NEED Help!! this isnt just effecting 1 or 2 players , but instea it is affecting the entire US1 server!!
    We truly love this game, we enjoy playing it but lately its basically no fun ,not worth playing most things, not worth spending money on it( farming gets old, arena's are worthless with the pushing)
    We the server ask that something is done to fix this, it has been going on way to long and We want Our game BACK!!!
    Thank you
    ps. please make comments to let BP know that it is more than 1 player that feels this way, and let them know how you feel and what you think about not only this post but about how the game is played, about how you think things are declining.
    thank you
  2. brutality

    brutality User

    dont just like the post MrsB, comment on it!! let them know how you feel also, liking it doesnt let BP know how bad it is or how far this goes to effect the game!!
    but ty for liking it,
    VOTE on poll!!!!
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  3. Maskotka

    Maskotka User

    I play this game for over 2 years I can say that I am in top 10 players on the US 1 but what is happening in BF's is not even funny .I got a horrible whips over the past two days played 20 matches of which my team won only once.BP thanks for (edit) in broad daylight
  4. ZZ143_200

    ZZ143_200 User

    Was just in a bf that ended 350-1 while this was the extreme it has become the norm and wondering why I should continue to play or just move on to some other game.
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  5. Agree my friend, BP need to step their game up - or their will be no game!
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  6. ~Annie~

    ~Annie~ User

    I agree, something needs to be done. The teams are very unbalanced. There are way too many small players being kept out of the game. When support says the selection for players is random ... I have a hard time believing it. I can get into every bf I enter unless no one is playing. My lower level guild mates can NOT. They get rolled & rolled & rolled. Yet I am seeing almost the same people in the battlefields. Occasionally you will see a small boat, but that is once in a while, not the norm. The smaller player are getting very discouraged & frustrated. If the selection was truly random, the same players would not be in every battlefield they ready up for, nor would they be on the same teams 9 times out of ten. I would truly love to see someone from BP come play on this server for a few months. Not just have a chat mod pop up once every few weeks. Just my opinion for what that's worth.
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  7. just an idea to throw up there; put people with 300 coins on the waitlist first; maybe it would balance itself out relatively quickly
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  8. eddhuy

    eddhuy User

    I agree, this is a huge problem and could be fun to play but when I regularly see one strong guild on the same team on a regular basis, well I have not seen it this bad or regular ever. It takes all the fun and purpose out of the battlefield. It is not fun to play, you know the outcome in the first few seconds of the game and the only thing to do is sink as many as you can for pirate glory and skulls because there is no contest. Farming for gold and diamonds is more fun, longevity of this game is at stake, new players can't participate and the rest are not enjoying it. Maybe it is time to let the gold premium package accumulate some seals over the next few months and see if this game gets fixed.
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  9. ZZ143_200

    ZZ143_200 User

    I think this is a fantastic idea.
  10. I agree, this problem is huge and its been going on, and BP never care to fix it the only thing they care is how to get our money out of our pocket coz they know we can't do anything about it,, do they care about us , NO, the only thing they care is their own pocket. Arena also 1v1 2v2 3v3 push team its been going on..did they do any action about it , NO..they banned some player but who long one month that's it.. and those player come back, doing same thing... I LOVE PLAYING PS but if BP don't do any thing about why we have to stay playing with this game.. lets walk awy with this BP games if they don't fix anything
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  11. CaptPuck

    CaptPuck User

    aye I agree totaly that the game needs to be overhauled, there has to be a way to separate the the teams to give everyone a fighting chance. Do the same with arena if ya would I spend good money just like most veterans on here and would like my opportunity to have at least a Gladiator.
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  12. Forum Moderator Question: Just two questions out of curiosity, but the way the original text is editted is because the rule ''defamation'' is broken (''false/uncertain statements that harms the reputation of a product)? Is there any information about Fluffkins current status, that can unconfirm/confirm brutality's statement?

    Forum Question: What does ''sd'' stand for?
  13. Wedgewood

    Wedgewood bp_phrase_Forum_Demigod

    Regarding Fluffkins, sadly Fluffkins no longer moderates. Regarding SD, this is the tag name of a Guild.
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  14. Ahh okay, thanks, sorry to hear about Fluffkins - but anyways, quite a lot of players seem to have a issue regarding ingame mechanics, does/is the development team respond/aware to the potentiel exploits suggested from the players?
  15. ~Annie~

    ~Annie~ User

    Very good question. Every ticket sent in gets a standard reply to effect of: it's done randomly, pvp, level & hp have no impact. If that is the case, how do 5 level 50 players hitting 4K (most in the same guild) or above get on the SAME team? While the other team has 1 or 2 level 50s, a couple in the 40s lvl & the rest below, all different guilds? I don't know if they ever get forwarded to dev team, the responses I received all said the ticket was closed.
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  16. Agreed! I am a low level 40 player, been playing over 2 years but battlefields have been very boring and ridiculously one sided. The same team keeps coming up with the same level 50 4k-5k hitters on it, from the same guild, while the other team is mixed guild players maybe , 1 or 2 level 50s all others under that, mostly level 20s or 30s. Totally unbalanced teams with players painfully accruing 1 coin at a time with each loss, this battlefield I have yet to win 3 coins at a time! This is one more reason players leave the game and new players don't stay.
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  17. Wedgewood

    Wedgewood bp_phrase_Forum_Demigod

    I can assure you that the developement team are aware of current in game issues and keep up to date with any new issues that arise.
  18. On a no spending money spree to make my protest maybe their pocket book will make them do something. Never seen a game with so little input on devs side its almost like they dont care but BP will be on my list of gameing companies to avoid if this keeps up. Reviews will put them in the poor house and word of mouth.
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  19. brutality

    brutality User

    1st I really want to thank everyone for responding to this post, it shows BP that it is Not just 1 or 2 players that experience this, but almost the Whole server,
    I dont want this thread closed so i am trying to be Very careful it what and how i ask things, because this thread needs to keep going, the longer it is up the more will come forward with Complaints!!
    2nd- i have a question about you statement, if the Dev's are aware of this, then why hasn't something been done to fix it yet??? this has been going on for almost 2 years with same issues, it just so happens that another guild took the place of S-D, but the results are still the same,
    3rd- As Annie pointed out all we get when we send in tickets are either auto-replys, that it is getting passed on, or any other number of what feels like excuses(sorry to say)
    But we are made to feel like we are disturbing or just whining and complaining to support or we are wasitn suports time with Valid issues. If we send in tickets and then things arent looked into or things arent changed, it looks like we are not only wasting our breathes but that ALL of our concerns have fallen on Deaf ears.
    3rd, why doesnt Any of the Devs play our server on regular basis??, I know almost every player in the US1 server( atleast the bigger hitters) and i have never seen or herd of any New Dev's playing since Fluffkins left even though he wasnt a Dev he cared enough about Us(the PLAYERS in US1) to take problems back and do his best to have things fixed( and truly sad that he did and i do know why and understand, talked long time over it) but why has Noone else stepped up and do as he did??
    If the Dev's would play they would clearly see the issues and an attempt to fix it would be made.
    I am not trying to put them down or put BP down, we truly Love this game and we want it to survive!!, but it is slowly dieing and we need it fixed not only for our sake but for BP's also

    All we want is a Fair and Level Playing field, where everyone has a chance to be on winning side, where they have a chance to get 3 coins atleast sometimes( but with matches of 350-0, why play? why use consumables?, why spend ds?)
    Someone Please fix this server,
    Someone please help us help BP continue to grow and make Money
    Please have some Dev's come play our server and see 1st hand the issues we are having so they can be fixed
    Please Save Our Game we Love, before its to late and it gets killed off!!
    Wedgewood thank you for allowing this post to remain and continue
    also thank you replying to us, it is nice to know that atleast you acknowledge us!!
    SO thank you!!! and i truly mean it thank you......
  20. Yes all that has been stated is true. I have seen lvl 50 players in Dows or Glads from the same guild, on the same team round after round, meanwhile there will be a ragtag group of low lvl event ships and piranhas from different guilds on the other team. Even if a guild waits to ready up for the same time they can't get in together while the former mentioned guild is together time after time. And please don't say its random, as its impossible to be able to happen so often, law of large numbers are against it.
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