What is the national holiday event?

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  1. What is the national holiday event?

    The event (official name: “Pirate Festival”) is a mini event that celebrates a national holiday of a country.

    What is the main features of the event?

    Two kinds of special NPC monsters spawn on maps 15-25. Monster 1 will spawn on maps 5-12,
    Monster 2 will spawn on maps 13-34
    Where special event ammunition (Star Gnawer harpoons) is needed to kill monster 2. When killed, these monsters drop outstanding rewards.

    Monster 1:
    12.000 XP,
    11.000 gold,
    250 diamonds,
    one box containing 1 x lunas protection or 200 event harpoons.

    Monster 2:
    15.000 XP, 17.500 gold,
    1750 diamonds,
    two boxes containing up to 2 x lunas protection and up to 300 event harpoons.

    Is the Pirate Festival for paying users only?
    No, the Pirate Festival can be played by paying users as well as by non-paying users. Since Monster 1 drops the event ammunition which is needed to kill monster 2,monster 2 can also be killed without buying event ammunition.

    How often do the monsters spawn?

    Both kinds of monsters spawn every 60 minutes.

    What if the monster is killed by members of a group?

    XP, gold and diamonds are equally shared between members of the group (as long as they are on the same map). Items in the box belong to the person that picks up the box.
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