Suggestion We need urgent changes they have forgotten us.

Discussion in 'Update & Idea Pool' started by dimenor, Jan 6, 2022.

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  1. dimenor

    dimenor User

    I think this is general, in all serves but:
    I am writing from latham, we urgently need a general rethinking or change on the server that is practically dead there are only a few players. I ask for help since there is nothing new, we need a new objective, so that the new ones grow and the complete ones do new things. Since you can't even play x2 or x3 because there are no players to compete, and combat items cannot be obtained. It is obvious why the push is forbidden, so how will we have the arena items when people no longer play?
    Reset the PVP list, to start over or make changes, give us some idea if they are going to make changes or some approximate date, because they have sincerely left Pirate storm aside.
    We need changes in everything, in the arenas x1, x2 and x3. that there is only 1 single invisibility light, new PVP or return to the old method, etc.
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  2. this is what latan players expect from the game, if bigpoint fixes the arenas and the pvp system, many players started playing again, including me, because playing in the game situation is no longer fun because there is nothing new in the game, and as for the chat if you can fix the chat it would be amazing because it's cool to get in touch with new people in the game
  3. imadrian

    imadrian User

    Fix the chat?
    They told us thousands of times that they removed the chat because they decided so, the chat is not bugged lmao.

  4. yes, but they can come back with the chat, precisely because it's not a bug or something, they took the best tool out of the game
  5. imadrian

    imadrian User

    Oh yeah that's true, but usually they don't rollback their own decision.
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  6. sad reality :(
  7. CrazyAngel

    CrazyAngel User

    where is chat ... i can t write ..:( i want play this game again pleace repair this game PLEASE
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  8. imadrian

    imadrian User

    Hello CrazyAngel,
    The chat is no longer available, as already told thousands of times it's not a bug;

    see Announcement.