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Discussion in 'Game Discussion & Feedback' started by Newbiee, Mar 3, 2020.

Dear forum reader,

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  1. Newbiee

    Newbiee User

    Hello WaterWillow,

    I want to:
    1. Apologize to you if I ever was rude or not appreciative to you. Since you are here, you are doing great job. If being a forum moderator here is part of your daily effort I want to let you know I greatly appreciate it and value the time you are putting here. I know it's not your fault the game is in such condition, I know that you cannot help or assist anyone in-game with administrative problems, I know that you can provide limited assistance to all of us here in the forum, so If I ever was less appreciative to you - sorry.

    2. Thank you! Thank you for being here for past 3 years. Thank you for trying your best all these 3 years. Thank you for taking this responsibility.

    In my life I am always being positive or at least I am trying. I feel like I did a great mistake of putting my time which I value the most in this life, here, in Pirate Storm. I tried my best to be a good user, good player and decent human being at the same time.

    For me, you are a masochist, a person that either have tons of resolve and nerves to put to waste. I hope the money or things that BigPoint are giving you are worth it as for me the thing you are facing here on daily basis are unacceptable. For past 3 years you are one of the Suicide Squad of BigPoint, more accurately Pirate Storm, a game that is put in a dusty shelf somewhere in Big Point offices.

    That is my last and sincere post in the forum. It was nice being here around you and few other appreciative persons. Wish you all the good. Thank you for your great effort!

    Best regards and no hard feelings,
    Alexander known as Knowbiee
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  2. WaterWillow

    WaterWillow Team Leader Team Pirate Storm

    Ahoy Newbiee,

    Thank you for the kind words. The Forum Team take their role seriously.

    The Forum Team does realize the importance of information being relayed to the users of the Forum. Therefore, we always strive to do our best to inform the Pirate Storm Community of the information we receive. We always seek clarification on the concerns of those who post in the Forum. We will continue to serve our Forum Community.

    Best Regards!
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