wanted to join HOW any solution to the broken volume issue?

Discussion in 'Guild & Arena Team Search' started by Voyager12, Feb 12, 2014.

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  1. Voyager12

    Voyager12 User

    I want to join HOW but sadly my volume is broken... how am i supposed to use teamspeak then
    is there any solution?

    my in-game name is voyager too. forgot to say that...
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  2. U_HATE_ME

    U_HATE_ME User

    They'll probably figure a way, they're good like that.
  3. brutality

    brutality User

    voyager you could always apply to HOG , we are very accommodating to things like that, let me know ask for a cpt or the guild leader
  4. SeaWolf101

    SeaWolf101 User

    That is frustrating. I am on an old 'antiquated' computer with speakers that work when they want to. What worked for me was a really good headset. (For me, it was Turtle Beach.) They are pricey, but work wonders with all kinds of computers, laptops IPads and most video games. Once you connect the headset into your computer and/or laptop, go into the control panel. Choose the 'sound and audio' devices section. When the window pops up, choose 'audio.' Change the 'default device' to the name of your headset you just set-up. This well eliminate the speakers and put the sound into the headset. This should work out for you. Most headsets support 'Teamspeak' and 'Axon.' Most guilds are decent about people having trouble with their computers and speakers, and will try to help you out in any way they can. Good Luck. I hope this helped and that everything works out for you. soon.
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