VooDoo Map - who put out the fire?

Discussion in 'General Archive' started by Death_and_Taxes, Jan 10, 2014.

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  1. approve the citation of TEXAS and LUKE
  2. Luke

    Luke User

    I'm sure we can get more support for this idea.
  3. I support the option to meltdown unwanted cannons/harps.
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  4. I also support this idea!
  5. Yeah me too
    support with 100%
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  6. Luke

    Luke User

    Lets not allow this thread to die, Supporting!!!
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  7. I agree with the selling option to get materials. We all want to get rid of all cannons and harps that are of no use to us. We have talked about this option since I started this game a year and a half ago. BP needs to put an option in to get rid of unwanted items
  8. I'd love to be able to sell/scrap cannons/harps but I would settle for a "Push it overboard" option.
  9. I agree. Melting unwanted cannons and harps for materials. What a great idea!
  10. Blackzerto

    Blackzerto User

    or a donate cannon tool only 10-12 pounders and bellow can be donated.
  11. phil1985

    phil1985 User

    i support
  12. Mr.Crowley

    Mr.Crowley User

    hello Fluffkins how you been? good I hope. anyway do the ideals get heard by the people that might change the game? One more thing. I heard they already have lots and lots of things we players would love to see come out. Why don't they release them? is it a marketing thing, you know when the money slows down they come out with something we vets but get or fall way behind like I did.So I must drop a few more $100s in this just to keep the noobs at bay.
  13. It seems the majority of the people responding support the idea of melting down the thousands of unused cannons we have in storage. Is this an idea we can get implemented in the near future?
  14. Luke

    Luke User

  15. thats good idea,if someone got too much bombastics because he ran the voddo map for fire essence.He can just remake for example one bombastics for 3-5essences
  16. deebo13

    deebo13 User

    I agree with the previous posts about the lack of fire being a real issue. My inventory is full of cannons and harps, thousands of them, I will never use again like so many others. Thus, the trading in these worthless items for materials would is a great idea. The better the cannon or harp to be salvaged, the better the material to be received. And no I do not think copper for a bomb or nailer is a fair trade. Fire should be given for quantity or quality.
  17. Braylion78

    Braylion78 User

    i been wanting an idea about the workshops where u can take the unwanted cannons and harps break them down in to random materials for other cannons and harps to upgrade like this meltdown idea i also wanted to put in an idea for the hot bars where u can lock in ya items so as u click and drag the item would not drop off hot bar any more by locking it in and also ability to make more then 1 hot bar for variety of things 1 set for farming 1 for arena and so forth hell even the idea to trade unwanted items to help guildys or lower lvl players too
  18. Bump for more support of the idea to "melt down" unwanted cannons in work shop to gain resources.
  19. I support the idea of breaking down items. But it would be more innovative to create a new material out of the items, which can be used in creating more appearance items, like the new ship design in this summer event. Some of the items sould of course be extremely expensive, 500 bombs to create (möglichkeit).

    I see a normal push overboard button as a cheap mans solution, I think BPs crew have more imagination and experience to create something a bit more advanced.

    The idea of creating bombs into fire x 3-5 comes with some risk in my point of view. I come with an example A (the good player) and B (the pro) fights, A have only bombs lvl 1 and B have bombs lvl 2 (they have same ship and same gear). B wins mostly. B also have a inventory of lvl 1 bombs and in no time he creates fire and bombs lvl 3. A dosent have that inventory and theres now a bigger cap between A and B in only an update. The risk is that there will be a aristocracy in Pirate Strom.
  20. I support this too i hope that we are able to get this going it would help out a lot
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