VooDoo Map - who put out the fire?

Discussion in 'General Archive' started by Death_and_Taxes, Jan 10, 2014.

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  1. I have a couple of issues with the essence of fire/voodoo map combo. First, those of us who were full bombs prior to the workshop were seriously neglected in that update. Players running the map now receive a minimum of 25 essence of fire upon completion of that map. How many did I get the first 30 times I ran the map? Zero fire is the answer I'm sure most came up with.
    So, now I'm buying dives to try to catch fire which leads to my next issue... who put out the fire? The last four times I've run that map I've received the standard 25 fire and a whole bunch of worthless stuff like 18lb cannons, class 3 harps, and steel harpoons. I'd estimate my average diamond payout to open the map is around 70k. Who in their right mind thinks 70k for class 3 harps is a good idea?

    How about taking care of the loyal paying customers and slip us some fire for all the maps we ran in the past? We've got the kindling stacked and saturated with lighter fluid - you just need to light the match.
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  2. Luke

    Luke User

    Seriously, who goes into blue map hoping to get class 3 harps, 18 lbs, and other junk. Lol
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  3. I agree, we should get a minimum of 25 fire for all the times we did voodoo... For example if I did 10 times the voodoo map before the udpate we get 250 fire.
    Why not also a bonus of 100 fire ? Everyone does the spin a few times, as there are 30 fire from the spin I think, it means that many times we should have got 30 fire instead of bad stuff.
    I think I did the voodoo about 15 times already, so I'd like to get 425 fire for example...
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  4. blakeman12

    blakeman12 User

    Absolutely, i have done the voodoo map at least 10 times prior to the workshop update!
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  5. Why no moderator reply to this? You guys reply to some of the weirdest threads but ignore something like this?
  6. Rikidou

    Rikidou User

    This should come as common sense. As it was done with the sails (reimbursing old sails for new ones), people who've run the map before the worshop should be given the material for number of times they've run the map before. Or change it altogether, making it easier to get the material--maybe have a bonus map once a while they will give you the material.
  7. Fluffkins

    Fluffkins User

    We do not comment on ideas
  8. xxmipxx

    xxmipxx User

    Fluffkins, you dont need to comment, just bring it to the right people ;-)
  9. It's harder to get bombastics nowdays than before the workshop (or very beginning) so stop whining.
  10. Please explain how exactly it's harder now?
  11. Really!!? Before you had to run the map, now you can upgrade to it. Yeah you need the materials to upgrade but still easier to get. I like the new system because i can upgrade my cannons but it isn't harder to get better cannons now!
  12. Fluffkins, how is this supposed to work? Do you take this suggestion to the developers or does it just sit here and die? How are we to know if it's been escalated?
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  13. Fluffkins

    Fluffkins User

    Every idea is left in here so players can leave their thoughts so that we know if alot like the idea or not, but it is down to BigPoint if they accept the idea or not, all we can do is leave our suggestions but every idea is read.
  14. well, do we need to create a thread in "udpate or idea pool" with a poll or it's already good there ?
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  15. The answer to the problem is following:
    Just give players the ability to destroy cannons and get material. For example 5 fire essence per bomb. That way every player, who is already full bomb can get additional fire essences and/or use his old bombs from the maps he already played and dont need to get fire essences aswell.

    Players could get rid of their useless cannons and get some usefull material with it. Otherwise lots of players will have 2000 bombs or smth when they finally got 180 bombs lv 3 done.
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  16. It's all about odds. Nowday's you don't have even chance to get cannons by lucky spin. And WhiteKnight, you can't get materials to upgrade other cannons to bomb's in voodoo map.

    BP should clean winning table and take off all the scrap + give otherways to earn materials to upgrade bombastics.
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  17. Someone in my guild, had the idea of being able to build special material in the guild workshop.. just putting that idea out there, to see what people think.
  18. So, I see several viable options here... 1) compensate players that previously ran the voodoo map prior to the update 25 fire for each time they ran the map 2) give us an option to destroy unnecessary cannons/harps for resources 3) give an option to build special materials in the workshop 4) Remove unworthy items from the 2nd chance spins (ie class 3 harps, 18lb cannons, etc)

    Reading between the lines on what Fluffkins said, the development team check to see which way the wind is blowing before they change anything like this. So, do not hesitate to spread the word to everyone to hit this thread and comment.
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  19. Greatbeard

    Greatbeard User

    I really like the idea about salvaging materials from cannons, harpoon launchers, and even weaker ships that have accumulated in a player's inventory. I have only been playing a few months but the number of 10 pounder cannons I have accumulated and continue to accumulate in Deep Sea Diver is getting absurd. The concept of salvage to recover useful materials from semi-useless inventory would be much easier to accomplish within the workshop from aan object programming perspective than trying to deal with all the accounting issues that would be raised for "selling" unwanted inventory. It would also create a lot of good will among BP's faithful customers.

    As for gettng backward looking credit for past achievements, I know enough to tell my fellow players that is physically impossible. BP has not kept detailed records of every single computer instruction since the game began, nor have they taken "snapshots" and stored all the data recording the status of every single player's account for every day that they have had an account. Even if they had kept all of that data, trying to roll back the clock and then roll it back forward with different rules applied would be virtually impossible.

    When the rules changed, the rules changed going forward, not backward. We just don't get a "Do Over" like when we were in preschool. It may not seem fair, but it is a reality of the game.
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  20. Luke

    Luke User

    That is true, there is no way of knowing how many blue maps you have ran before the update. There is no records.
    I support the idea to destroy cannons for the materiel. If I want to destroy a Bombastic, and get like 3 fire essence, Please allow me to do so. Or at least If I can, allow me to melt down one Bombastic for 5000 of special ammo.
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