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Discussion in 'Update & Idea Pool' started by YellowHammer, Dec 5, 2016.

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Should the Valkyrie's speed be increased a little? It is an event ship with a 10.1 base speed??!

  1. Yes, increase the base to 13, we will still sink Yellowhammer.

    50 vote(s)
  2. Naw, let her race sloops and LOSE :P

    6 vote(s)
  1. I got a Valkyrie recently, has a paws quarterdeck, a storm deck and a beech deck, full ghost and bear sets on it. I will add event decks as they become available.

    It's can take some impressive HP with these sets on it and is hard to sink--not as hard to sink as an ahab, but then it has almost twice the cannons.

    I have to say its a beautiful ship, comes in handy in port wars and probably will do ok in defending an island, but sheesh---top speed with every buff I could think of for speed, including a Gale Phial, and I can only get 11.8 out of her?

    Could you increase her base speed it's only 10.1 knots !! That is a SLOOPS speed!

    I feel like someone's granma trying to catch players in a port war, most don't run but when they do I am waaaay faaaaaar behind--even throwing Calico Jack capt orders at them doesn't help that much :p

    10.1 knots!! All other event ships have a base of 14.8 !! I realize that the slower speed is to compensate for the increased HP, but 10.1 is a huge compensation ! :p

    Big Point--can you increase the base speed to 13 knots? That is still 1.8 below the base speed of all other event ships ( I think that is the base speed of the war brig).

    Please? If you want to be historically correct, the dragons ships were very fast raiders---just boost her base speed a little.

    It really is a beautiful ship.
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  2. ...and now I've developed her to a level 43, all captains orders and scrolls. with bloods her hp is about 65000 and with all bombs (level 2 and 3) she hits hard. only thing that i can't get on her is a guild deck (still trying but i am in a small guild).

    However, holy heifer is this ship ideal to defend a guild. Even without a guild deck she has 163 guns and i have ghost and bear on her. if i ever make it to level 50 and get a guild deck i think i would take this ship against pretty much Even gale phial doesnt make that much difference compared to other ships. (Thanks to the 15 who voted to increase the base speed to 13, but the developers haven't done it. Pity, its a great ship.
  3. Perses

    Perses User

    Valkyrie is not a good ship anyways because it doesn`t have it`s own deck, so it has 10 cannons and 26 harpoons less than Frostbrand and 14 cannons and 3 critical hit percents less than Gladiator.
  4. Eclips

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    Not every ship has to be good, there are a lot of improvements and items that aren't that good. i dont think Bigpoint should make every ship strong and powerful. The ship is good in some envirronements, like guilddefense and port battles like you said, and some battlegrounds. Every ship could have another function. I think he ship is just fine how it is. Every ship has it downsides...
  5. Not everyone has fully developed Frosties and Glads, I do quite well in defending the guild against them and in the arena because my range is maxed and I hit hard initially with excellent defense. it isn't how many cannons you have, nor critical percentages--its how you play with what you have and take opportunities knowing what your ship can do. Strategy, what a concept but......still......I All I am suggesting is just getting this lovely ship past sloop speed :rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes:
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