USA not a single match in battlefield

Discussion in 'General Archive' started by Blackwater, Sep 7, 2016.

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  1. *TavernMinx*

    *TavernMinx* Board Administrator Team Pirate Storm

    Hello Everyone,

    Thank you for letting us know of the problem. We have informed the team of what has been going on, however due to the weekend the problem may not be resolved in time.

    ANIKHTE User

    the problem is overall and in all servers
    around 23.00 in eu4 all small new players are no longer able to enter in a battleground
    as alliance we have many small players that were online and playing battleground, and they were enough to justify to make a battleground only for them, but after 23.00 they just are refused to enter in any battleground any more
    around midnight 00.00 all put the very high level players are allowed to enter in the battlegrounds and all the rest are refused access


    more obvious in us1 with having only 1 so far
    but the same problem is in all servers and denying many people from battles

    so inform also this to the team that will look up the issue

    why it is time related who will enter to the battleground or not
    and why 1 time i had 4 new players in my guild
    in 10 battlegrounds
    1, enter 7 times
    the other 2 enter 6 times
    and the lucky number 4th entered 2 times!??!??!?

    why some people are so discriminated and refused entry to the battleground???

    all 4 players were the same level and more less the same power
    but while the 3 of them had the same experience in the game 1 was not

    THERE IS A HUGE PROBLEM WITH THE ALGORITHM is broken and leave people out
    and worse it leaves the same people out all the time
    and refuse to make a battleground even when there is enough to justify 1 more battleground
  3. Even the forums are dying....
  4. wow took a year off this game because server was dying, just checked back. no need to look ant further i see. same ole bigpoint come up with more stuff to buy but nothing to attract players. see you in another year maybe
  5. tunickon

    tunickon User

    Have this problem in all servers, the more simply is put all players in one server, all day have players playing of all countries, simply and easy.
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    ANIKHTE User

    another person that states the obvious
    new items are for the old players but will do nothing to attract new players.

    how many fail tries the company need to do before the realize the obvious
    the gamers do their cycle and leave
    you can not milk for infinite the same COW

    try to take little money for many that lots for a few.
    change the game to attract player the game need players, forget the old players you made sure that they will never return back, new items , new events will not bring anyone back, when the real issues are still in the game

    make the game playable again
    arena npc teams
    battleground npc for
    stop the bullying especially for new players
    reset pvp ranking
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  7. The server merge on battlestar galactica helped to bring the numbers back up many of the servers there were dead.
  8. PaganHorde

    PaganHorde User

    And again not a single match in the battleground last 24 hours, US server.

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  9. TavernMinx, why doesn't BigPoint merge the servers?
  10. Blackwater

    Blackwater User

    It is Tuesday night 18 hours since the start of the Wrath of Carnage battlefield. Not one match 0 not one. This screen shot shows the The September 2016 USA1 server for the same battlefield, 19 coins were earned by the whole server for the week. One match went off. 1. Only 19 coins for the whole USA server. How do we continue to spend diamonds to play a game that does not exist. What does big point want? We the customers, tell you here what we need, our voice is unanswered. Silence. Not a word. Does big point want us to leave our investment in our boats? Go away play something else? Soon and very soon there will be no one but EDIT to listen the the sounds of silence on USA1. Big fish in a small pond. If we do not hear something soon then it must be what Big Point wants, for us to all go away.
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  11. wish they fix battlegrounds.. Bigpoint own Seafight and they merged there last year cause of server dying. They need to here now.....
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  12. I guess it is just us stupid idiots that keep farming away with nothing else to do in our Ahabs
  13. Yes a merege would solve nothing all the mid level and below would just have more 1%ers chain em till they quit
  14. Blackwater

    Blackwater User

    Thursday, guild mates without any coins from this battlefield cant understand why it does not work they cannot buy the item they need because the items are locked. No coins. No match. Not one USA 1 This is at least the second time this battlefield has come out after the summer event.
  15. Blackwater

    Blackwater User

    Hello Everyone,

    Thank you for letting us know of the problem. We have informed the team of what has been going on, however due to the weekend the problem may not be resolved in time.

    This is what big point said Sept 11 2016. Today is Jan 27 2017. The same battlefield same results. USA 1 not a match not a single match.​
  16. PaganHorde

    PaganHorde User

    Please reduce the number of participants. Or merge some servers.
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  17. *TavernMinx*

    *TavernMinx* Board Administrator Team Pirate Storm

    Unfortunately I cannot guess why the company does not merge the servers, but as soon as we know anything there will be an announcement made for all. :)
  18. DocDre

    DocDre User

    Why is the WOC final stats incorrect for January 2017? It appears that WOC for Jan 2016 is showing in its place. US1 did not have that many matches in January 2017. A different player won this past WOC, but can't find the actual final matches for WOC in the battlefield results. Lastly, the option to purchase Eagle packs was not available. Why was that?
  19. Only way you going to get matches Blackwater is if you ready up..... You and S-D guild never ready up battlefield but sit in forums and complain.... why dont you try readying up first..
  20. Wedgewood

    Wedgewood bp_phrase_Forum_Demigod

    That's odd. It may be when the battleground was synced it did not do so correctly. To the best of my knowledge they should have.
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