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Discussion in 'Update & Idea Pool' started by HeredoT-[☾✮], Nov 4, 2018.

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  1. I think in the game ships, harp, launchers and cannons such as items to be exchanged, so I think the game becomes even more perfect
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    "Even more perfect" !! ??! ??:confused:
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    In my opinion, the benefit of exchange shall be for two categories of players:
    - the new players
    - these players who are lazy or unwilling to upgrade their own weapons
    The interactions between players are important part of this game, no doubts. Nevertheless, player`s development should not be achieved by gifts from another player. This was the reason to change the PvP system for sculls and points - because the old one was chance for the new players to gain easy sculls and to buy Piranha ship in no time.
  4. I certainly do not know anyone who is so lazy as not to develop weapons, or, refrain from all the puzzle maps until they could complete Voodoo to get the first bombs--and then repeating that map only in dives until they got enough for their ship. That takes a long time and what good are bombs on a lesser ship? How do you even make it through the Voodoo map with an undeveloped devastator (takes arena points--how many servers have arenas that are actually operating?) and forget it with a dhuka--not enough harps.

    Easy skulls for newbies? Gifts? Hello? Interesting you think that way. You can't get skulls from within your guild, so you can only get them by a duel, the arena, a battleground or defending or attacking in areas that allowed pvp if you found someone of similar ship/development--not easy to do as there have been considerably less new players on all servers (except latam1) over the last two years. Dhuka and Devastator are their only choices. Dhuka is useless after the first 15 or so maps--not enough harps and a dhuka in open sea is like ringing a dinner bell for any other developed ship owned by higher players. Devastator? again, not many, or any, players in arenas--and precious few newbies. If you are going to have a devastator, may as well have a piranha--both require playing against other players that don't currently exist on many servers.

    When it started getting hard to find other players of similar ranks to newbies two years ago, many of we older and higher ranked players used to have duels for skulls in bearground where you would allow a newbie to get skulls by defeating your event ship or similar. Now, you will be lucky if you can find enough skulls in a year to get the 900 needed to get the piranha and the deck, bulkhead.

    So bring back skulls and the items you can buy with then, like piranha and bloods. Let the newbies have them any way they can think of getting them as long as it is not a computer glitch. AND ADVERTISE THE GAME. Adding back skulls and decent ships without the advertising is just killing the game--no secret there.
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    Are they(BP) gonna create trade system for the players?!?
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    Are you crazy!!??:eek:
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    You have to understand that while this is a "free" game, big point only benefits when you choose to spend money. If players could gift away their unneeded cannons etc. to less developed players, there would be no incentive for those players to spend money to buy the items.
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