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  1. I see that nobody is being punished for using a program to make gold, diamonds and dives, every day the same players, I don't see punishment, this is encouraging others to use it, I'm warning you and I see your dismay with this subject, it's difficult to play with these cheating players., moderator forgiveness but I see them every day using the BOT, I am very sad about it
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  2. support says it does not open external links, so it is impossible to report these buggers., congratulations to the support for impunity, and so the game dies for good.
  3. The support moderator said he doesn't open a link, how should I send the report video?
  4. WaterWillow

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    Ahoy *****PÉGASUS*****,

    Please read through the ticket thoroughly. There is probably an explanation of how to submit the documentation in a format that is accepted by support.

    The reporting of an account is an Support issue. It can only be addressed by support.

    Happy Sailing!
  5. Unfortunately not even the support knows how to inform, I already sent several tikets, that is, the maps were left with several cheaters with impunity. Merry Christmas

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