Thrill of the Hunt event

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  1. Where can I receive the new quest?

    The new quest will be available from the First Mate as soon as the event kicks off.

    How often can I play the bonus map?

    You can play the bonus map once. You're welcome to take on the daily quest again the next day to unlock it again.

    Do I need special ammunition for the bonus map?

    Yes, you'll only be using steel harpoons on the bonus map.

    What can I expect on the bonus map?

    The bonus map is stocked with a variety of monsters. These monsters regenerate their hitpoints during battle. So outfit your ship with your best harpoon launchers so that you can send those monsters back to the bottom of the ocean as quickly as possible.

    As a reward you can earn either the "Coffin Nailer" harpoon launcher (50% chance) or the Bombastic Cannon (50% chance). There is other valuable booty to be claimed as well.

    What's special about the "Ahab?"

    The "Ahab" is a special PVE ship! That means it's been specially developed for one purpose: killin' monsters! Its unique design offers several special benefits:

    * A large number of harpoon slots.

    * 30% reduction in damage received.

    * When attacked, your attacker is subject to 10% higher cannon scatter.

    * You won't give up or receive PvP points or skulls.

    * You have a 25% greater chance of preserving a deck if you're sunk.

    * You have a 25% greater chance of preserving an item if you're sunk.

    * All enemy NPC ships will behave neutrally toward you.
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