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  1. *Death*

    *Death* User

    Hello everyone =D

    My ingame name is TheDisicple but for some reason i can't change it on forums

    But yeah i played for 1 month last year and decided to play again 2-3 months ago:)
    So hello to you all
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  2. Blackzerto

    Blackzerto User

    first you log out and wait for it to log out, then on the menu screen click captain's profile, then you can change your name. and you can't change again for some days.
  3. vino

    vino User

    Hi Have nice game - & you are already growing strong - in a fast pace

    & to your post -

    Guess Disciple meant [ he can change name in game]
    he was unable to change name in forum

    & nice to see - u r more active in Forum [ cheers
  4. tickles

    tickles User

    hey Desciple :p
  5. sobby1

    sobby1 User

    Tickles is that jem??? I cant change my name as well :( its sing :)
  6. Blackzerto

    Blackzerto User