The Lag and logging into the Game.

Discussion in 'Players' Corner' started by [[$TAR$CR3AM]], Dec 6, 2014.

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  1. [-Lex-}

    [-Lex-} User

    I hate this game. Never seems to fix anything, wish I could get my money back!
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  2. Greatbeard

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    I finally got an email reply on a support ticket about this problem from a "Director" in Hamburg. After I provided him with a number of diagnostic reports he affirmed that, "The problem is clearly not in your computer." and he assured me that the game team would focus their attention in other areas. He also said the the detailed descriptions I provided of what exactly was happening and when it was happening were extremely helpful. I can vouch, from my own experience as a system administrator, that sometimes a problem appears in which it is very difficult to isolate the cause. I and several other players with simlar backgrounds have provided BP with information that should help a lot in narrowing down the source of the problem.

    In the mean time it is BEYOND FRUSTRATING to those of us affected by this, and especially since it has gotten much worse. There are days when for hours at a time we cannot even get the login screen to load in our browsers (That's right, I have four different browsers that I have tried.) And then there are instances like this morning at 8:00 am (when there is "normally" no lag) that I was running the Voodoo Bonus Map, and I suddenly froze. I did not unfreeze until after being sunk. You all know how much it takes to get a chance to run that map! Aarrgghh !
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  3. I can't stand this game today. Why is it the game is freezing and lagging today when its Storm Day and I'm trying to do the maps!! Its like the US server is being sabotaged by BP.
  4. Man Man Man, almost 2 months since this thread is up, yet still, Lag lag, and freezes. I guess i'll go put my time in Forge of Empires, at least it's not freezing there.
  5. haunted415

    haunted415 User

    im probably one of the very few Australians who play this game and ive played on most servers and seem to have no problem with them, check your internet that may be the problem. I had lag and freezing problems few months back I talked to my internet providers and had to change my internet plan, currently I get no problems with the game.
  6. Ya, thats what i'm gonna do next, thanks.
  7. jballato

    jballato User

    The only reason that I'm still trying to play this broken down game is that I paid for a premium account which still has 44 days left. BigPoint, if you're reading this. . . . . if the game doesn't start working within the next 40 days, then me and a few others will not be renewing our premiums. No more money for you! I'll spend my money on something that works.
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  8. After being unable to play since Christmas I can finally play again. I contacted my service provider(century link),ran a speed test and found a bad modem. Replaced it and haven't had any problems since.
  9. jballato

    jballato User

    Ran Ping, Trace Route, and Speed Tests. All is good on my end. It's a bad connection between AT&T U-verse and BigPoint's ISP.
  10. Sorry phil1985 but I think 3 months is more than enough time, especially when you are not getting any technical feedback. Pick any other type service or product that you pay for, if it is not at a level of customer satisfaction, would 3 months+ be acceptable? On top of that, all of the game time, resources, paying for premium? Those days lost have yet to be compensated nor do I think they ever will.
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  11. I also had AT&T U-verse. I sent many tracert's and pings to BP, even some that displayed time outs. No response as far as what the issue could be. I tried everything , you name it, changing service provider was my last option. Went to a cable provider and things have greatly improved. I had U-verse for several years while playing this game and never had any issues until the end of November. That's when the severe lag and freezing for minutes at a time started to occur on the US server. Most of the threads and players I have discussed this with were AT&T. To make things complex, there is a large number with this same issue that have different service providers.Since the switch to cable, I have not seen the freeze, normal lag. Of course there has not been an event yet, so the wrath of carnage will be the true test. Good luck to everyone battling this issue! It sucks!
  12. Wedgewood

    Wedgewood bp_phrase_Forum_Demigod

    As per request here is some further info supplied by .FrozenDeath., the thread can be found Here

  13. After switching to Cable provider, my issues have went away. I get a normal lag that pops up here and there but nothing major. I was waiting to post this response after the Wraith BF to be for certain. So in a nut shell, I had AT&T U-Verse for several years and never had issues with this game. Around the end of November the game became unplayable for most part. I tried everything possible. Tracerts were documented and sent to Bigpoint, some which revealed time-outs. Never got any technical feedback on the cause of these issues. My feeling is that something changed in the Game, programming, features, communication, etc. When this change was made, AT&T service had either a conflict or it was beyond it's performance capability. Most of the time it only had issues during several hours in the late evening. During large events, it was unplayable. Extreme freezing for minutes at a time. I could go to any other website, stream video, browse, etc. and not have any issues. So, not to ramble on, do not assume that your service is not the cause or contributing factor. My switch from AT&T to a cable provider either resolved my issue or eliminated the conflict and I feel confident that this problem is gone, for now. Good Luck to Everyone having this same issue.
  14. -ANNO1978-

    -ANNO1978- User

    BP dont care as long as thay get there money from the players that pay for 2 years this is been going on now EU2 it is just a joke so don't think i will be putting money in this game any more i have had with is moron team of bigpoint

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