The Lag and logging into the Game.

Discussion in 'Players' Corner' started by [[$TAR$CR3AM]], Dec 6, 2014.

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  1. ....failed to mention, around the same time as the lag and freezing reared it's head a month or so ago, is also when the log in problem started. When you log in and press play, the captains wheel just spins, no blue status bar increment at the bottom. Sometimes a refresh works, sometimes it doesn't. You may have to do it several times. In the worst cases, you have to arrow back to the log in screen. Just FYI
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    Thanks for letting us know.

    I'm afraid that we do not have any further information at this time. The development team are aware of these issues. If we do receive an update regarding this matter we will be sure to pass this information on accordingly.
  3. Thanks for the response. Hope it's resolved soon.
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    Some players are not experiencing this, others are. Asking around my guild trying to find a common factor for those who are having trouble uncovered a surprise. All in my guild having trouble use AT&T as their service provider, regardless of using DSL, Fiber optic, Cable, etc. Bandwidth is not the issue, just the interface between PS and this carrier during the Winter Event. Also, it is late afternoon thru evening, not from midnight to about 3:00pm Central time. There is an issue in how PS communications protocals and practices
    interact with this carrier (not exactly a minor internet provider). I Informed BP support two weeks ago, and they acted very grateful for the new information, but no results yet.:(
  5. Well, its a bit bigger than that. I have had the exact same issue (started at the same time, never had it before) and I am on Verizon FIOS at home and the same thing happens at work on Bright House.
  7. I'm on the US server. Live in SE USA. Same problems as all above. No issues early in the day except Global chat shuts down often. But afternoons and evenings are bad and seem to be getting worse. Log in takes several tries, lagging almost instantly once in the game and increases as I play. I watch the lights on my modem blink instantly for an upload to BP and nothing coming back, site bar above just says
    " waiting for BP ".
    It is the same often loading this forum site !!
    Been playing nearly a year and it used to sometimes have a little big of lag off and on but nothing compared to lately. Now I start playing after finally getting in and after a few refreshes due to lag and freeze I just stop and do or play something else.
    I've posted in other related threads and have tried all the tricks suggested with no better results. The game is of course very enjoying for me when it plays smooth but when its bad, well.
    I Had ATT DSL up till last week and got their U-verse and its still no improvement. I hope something is resolved soon because now I sometimes think to play and don't even try to log in...
    I don't think I will post about this again because it will either get fixed or I will just quit playing. Hope it will be the former.
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    What did you do BP ? I have played through today until 6:00 pm Central time with only occassional lag lasting a second or less. For the last month by this time of day I was freezing up for 5 -10 minutes at a time. Whatever it is you did, THANK YOU!
  9. Played last night and like clock work, 20:30 EST lag started and freezing for minutes at a time, had to log off. I posted before that I was switching to Charter Cable Service from Uverse but found out that I was beyond the cutoff of 250 feet from the closest line connection. So, having to wait until a surveyor comes out and a decision is made. I'm stuck with this freezing lagging issue. Greatbeard, are you also on AT&T?
  10. I noticed the increased lag, chat problems, log on trouble all started with the debut of Ship's Theater. A feature that has yet to work for me once. (yes I turned off all ad-blockers). Others in my guild noticed the start of the trouble with Ship's Theater starting. We are from all parts of the world, different provider's. We are on USA 1 server. Hope this info helps everyone.

  11. That's a good point. I did not take account for the Ships Theater feature. Anyone know the date that feature kicked in? To add a timeline?
  12. No news on this issue? BF kicked in this week and the problem has progressed.
  13. Horrible. Absolutely horrible. Like clock work. 20:30 EST time, lag and freeze for minutes at a time. Unable to play the game. Too many complaints to avoid or prolong this problem. This issue should be resolved by now. Take notes from the previous post in regards to a possible conflict with AT&T Service as well as other service providers. It appears that the only players that aren't having issues are people with cable service providers with 60+Mb/sec. Is that the new requirement to play this game? Some technical feedback regarding this issue would be appreciated. Thanks.
  14. I am a cable subscriber FrozenDeath. The lag and other problems affect me also. It gets so bad at times, the entire game will LOCK-UP for minutes at a time. I never have these problems in other online games. It is too bad, I really enjoy Pirate Storm. It would seem the players care more about this game than the people running it.
  15. Still no response from BP? I know they say contact the Support Team but it's the same ole, same ole. Clear Flash Cache, etc....
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    I have had trouble signing into Pirate Storm since December 2014. The forum is the only area I can sign into without trouble. I can not sign in to play Pirate Storm at all. By now, I've probably been kicked out of my beloved guild for not being able to just sign into Pirate Storm. A problem totally out of my control.
    In the past, there have been numerous posts chock full of complaints after complaints about US1 server. Not one d.a.m.n thing has ever been done about this server issue. Truth be told, I doubt if this matter has ever been looked into by anyone. Just pass the buck over and over again to bring this matter to 'someone's attention' in former posts, (as though it was a surprise to hear this problem about US1 server!) Passing the buck over and over again is just another way to appease the players for a while.
    BigPoint, the players (most of whom are paying players) that use US1 server, have been more then patient with you, your company and the buck passing that has gone on in the forums.
    How plain can the players be about this server issue? And what on God's green earth will it take to finally have something done about US1 server?...More complaining posts?!...'Cause we, the players putting up with this BS can do that!
    Seems to me that everyone concerned that has had this experience with US1 server is in a vicious circle of a losing battle that we're complaining about in posts after posts.
    The time is at hand on this matter. We need this problem not just addressed, but fixed once and for all as soon as possible.
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  17. I have had the same issue since 12/25/2014. I have sent info to support numerous times.The usual fixs were suggested with no results. I was finally told to ask my internet service provider about the problem. If i am able to view other media why would the problem be my provider? Support is still working on it.
  18. Since no one from PS has posted anything in here, it shows us how little they care about this problem. I do not have a single problem in any other online game or website. ONLY here !!!
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    Judging by the numerous posts that are up in the form, I think we're talking to walls here, players. More people then not have been complaining about the US1 server in posts for years now, and nothing has been done about it. This frustrating problem has been an ongoing thing for the past three of the four years I've been playing Pirate Storm. There isn't a problem with the internet providers. That's been checked countless times. There isn't a problem with the computers. That's been checked by computer experts in their field. Different browsers have been tried, and Caches have been cleared numerous times. The problem is in the US1 server. And until the US1 server problem is finally recognized and fixed by someone who actually knows what in hell they're doing, we as players will continue to have lags, glitches, sailing uncontrollably everywhere, freeze-ups, chat problems and trouble signing into the game.
    The patches aren't working. The support isn't working. We need a permanent fix for the US1 server. There are more and more people playing Pirate Storm, causing a strain on the US1 server from all the traffic, day and night. (Especially during events and battle grounds). Maybe the extra traffic contributes to some of the problem...That I can't say...I am not a computer expert. All I know is, it's time to quit trying to patch the server up with things that do absolutely nothing to solve this infernal problem. There must be at least one person on the BigPoint Team that has the capability and expertise to solve the US1 server problem once and for all.
  20. Again same bs from support. I haven't been able to play in over a month. My techie friend says my system is more than adequate and that the problem is on BPs end. I had 96,000 invasion points during winter event and couldn't finish. What a waste of time and resources.

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