The Lag and logging into the Game.

Discussion in 'Players' Corner' started by [[$TAR$CR3AM]], Dec 6, 2014.

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  1. For the last week, the lag has been so bad. I can hardly move. And when i do move,my boat freezes for like 10 secs, and then moves. I'm sunk by NPCs or diff players by then. then today, i had trouble logging in. It wouldn't load up. When i left port, it would be a black scree. Fix it!! i asked many times if it was my comp, but it isn't. It's the game!!!
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  2. Wedgewood

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    Which server is this occuring on [[$TAR$CR3AM]]?
  3. It is on US1 Wedgewood.
  4. Wedgewood

    Wedgewood bp_phrase_Forum_Demigod

    Thanks. I will forward this to the appropriate people. There is little more we can do on the forums to assist you regarding this.

    I hope this will be of help. :)
  5. Crazy3d

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    the lag and the freezes on the game have been the worst I have had in over a year .. what is happening? this past week it has been difficult to play, every day it is getting worse and worse .. I am using my resources and wasting them. Please help
  6. I log in now, leave port, and am frozen. Can't move att all. If this happens all through winter, I'll miss everything. If it's my end i'll fix it, but if it's from the game, hope they fix it.
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  7. I have been having the same issues. I have been playing the game for 2 years now. This past week has been horrible. Problems logging in (Captains Wheel just spins), lag and freezing for over 15-20 seconds. I have cleared cache, uninstalled adobe flash to avoid conflict with chrome, cleared chrome flash cache, etc. I have tried firefox, IE and back to chrome with no success. Initially I thought I had an issue with the machine I was using. Switched to a different machine and the same issue. Even went to a third machine. I have used chrome for over a year and have never had problems. I did notice that as the day goes on to the evening is when it gets worse. Currently I am in Germany and I can't log in? I need some help here, please. I have a ticket in currently but its the same reply, clear cache, etc.
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  8. I failed to mention, US server.
  9. I dont have the problem as bad as a lot of people do on the USA1 server but sometimes i get lag. It seems to have started for people again right after BP did the new patch for winter event.
  10. It seems to happen in the afternoon where the majority of players are on. it might be, as Millenium.Falcon mentioned the patch for the avatars and winter event.
  11. As for lag, it always increases with events. Probably because more people on at the same time and doing many more "special" activities. However, the logging in issue seems new to me. I can usually get past it simply by refreshing a couple of times.
  12. CrowesNest

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    I don't complain unless something is very irritating, but this ridiculous. I have been having the same issues - lag/freezing and log in - since the beginning of the Winter Event and it has gotten worse. Today which is one of my days off from work, I can't even play. I freeze in Guild Invasions and when they do end, I don't get the points. I froze in a Bonus Map and when I refreshed it took a couple of minutes and placed me in port and when I checked the bonus map, I lost a life. When I log in my Global and Guild chat don't show up, so I have to refresh a couple of times until it does. When I leave port I freeze and can't move and have to refresh again. It is so bad that I have to refresh when I am refreshing otherwise that wheel just keeps on spinning - like a bad metaphorical joke -. What sucks is that I actually enjoy this game, but the technical issues are doing me in. I tried all of the advice that the administrators have given in the forum such as Clear Cache, etc. but to no avail. I guess I should just take the spinning wheel as a sign that I am wasting my time and money.
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  13. Crazy-D-

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    I am having freezes as long as 5 minutes. I go into the invasion island and immediately freeze .. I have done all the recommended things . called several techs. I can not get the points for the invasions.. it happens when more people are on the server . the us1 server .. at night when less people are on the game runs perfect. but hard to run the invasions alone. I really want the frostbrand on half off improvements day. everyone is saying there will be another .. but I hate to take that chance. it really stinks ..
  14. Your banging your head against the wall. So many have the same problem and it has been reported, yet nothing is done. After the event is over and you cannot get what you want, BP will tell you its to late, there's nothing they can do. I know its frustration and i have said before, BP makes it seem as if they don't care about the players. The reason lag and freezing is bad certain times and not others is because of the amount of players, playing the game. The less playing the less lag. Its a simple fix but being that it will cost BP money don't plan on it changing. Update servers BP!!
  15. Please fix this (edit) lag. I can't even sail to open water for 1 sec, without freezing up. the worst part are the invasions. I freeze, i refresh and if my guild mates are done by the time game loads up, i don't get points, all the ammo lost. So do something,(edit). Its been going on for about 3 weeks now. Jeez!
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  16. Wedgewood

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    This is a known issue that the development team are working to fix. I understand that it can be frustrating when such issues occur. Please be patient. It may be of some help to know that clearing your flash cache is known to improve performance a little. It may not entirely resolve the issue but it will certainly improve it.

    I hope this helps. :)
  17. jballato

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    This lag and freeze is getting worse to the point you can't play the game. If I can't play, I'm not going to renew my premium. Why should I pay for a game that is broken? Something needs to be done to fix this or extend the event so we can make up for lost time. grrrr
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  18. jballato

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    Please fix this lag and freeze problem on USA1 server. The game is impossible to play because it freezes up. I'm wasting a lot of resources on repairs because the ship can't move and I get sunk. This has been going on for 3 weeks now. Please, please do something.
  19. SeaWolf101

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    Hopefully someday the problem with US1 server will be fixed once and for all. It's been an ongoing problem for a very long time. Once an enjoyable online game to play, but because of the constant lags and freeze-ups, (worst during Battle Ground and other events,) I spend less and less time playing Pirate Storm.
  20. Same complaint as all other posts and my previous post back at the beginning of December. On the US server, around 19:30-20:00 EST every night, it becomes impossible to play. Freezing for minutes at a time. Unable to log in, refresh, etc.. I have been playing for several years now, same service provider. This is more than the normal big event lag, this is to the point as others have stated, impossible to play. I have ruled out my equipment, browsers, flash, cache, etc.. However, I did verify the issue with another PS member with his PC on my service and he experienced the same freeze and lag during this same time frame. He utilizes cable service 60+ Mb/sec. at his home and does not have issues. My speed from my service is average 25 Mb/sec during this time. Same as it has been prior to this problem which just came about right at or just before the Winter Event. I can go to any other website during this time frame and I do not have any issues. Only on PS. Has something changed in the game in that it is now required to have a faster download speed? I have spent hours with my service provider, they are insisting it is the site? Do you have it posted anywhere, Minimum System performance and requirements? I am currently in the process of switching service providers, trying to rule out what may be my last option. Some feedback would be appreciated. Thanks.

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