Suggestion The evolution of the PIRATES

Discussion in 'Update & Idea Pool' started by zjarrm, Mar 2, 2021.

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Up life of tower and castle BF spider bay

  1. YES

    28 vote(s)
  2. NO

    2 vote(s)
  1. zjarrm

    zjarrm User

    Hi everybody! The evolution of the game.

    There are a lot of problems for the new players (so few players ) one of these the "coins".
    The new players can't have coins in battlefields like :
    Spider Bay
    Wrath of Carnage
    The towers has too low life.... maybe is better to grow the life of towers and the last castle.
    Other way the battlefield is a game of 20/30 seconds and 0 coins for the new, no joy for no one.
    Is only an idea maybe i am wrong ....
    ( idea that can be done is possible )

    2) Arena 2vs2 , 3vs3
    Is possible to make a VS npc with 200 k of life and shoot at least 10k. at least we can play a game .(after waithing for 3 arenas)
    And the invisibility to be used only one time, the two kinds .

    (impossible .... but maybe in someway could be changed)

    3)A little more of publicity for new players and for the coming back of the old ones.
    For my opinion this games is unique , just a little of improvement more.
    (is possible)

    4) Creating unique boats , one boat player exclusive boat on random on maps.
    or maybe 3 or 5 boats to be caught with special design ..... like a boat hunting in the maps ..
    After killing the boat it will be yours .....and a special map that can be done only with this boat.

    5) merge of the servers...
    (impossible is very old this suggestion.... is impossible)

    *****For other points i think that ( arch ) in another suggestion has wrote anything with all the points and anything is clear . ******

    Have a nice game everybody .....
    I said it before this game is "unique" but i repeat it.
  2. Do you think it will be good to upgrade the life of tower and castle for the spider BF?

    Because since 3 years BF is finish in 30 secondes all the time, and it's not funny!
    The little players ans big players don't have coins

    Can you send your feed back!?
    And can you answer to poll?
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  3. sosta17

    sosta17 User

    It good idea i hope make this
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  4. [EVO]JandT

    [EVO]JandT User

    Good idea
  5. zjarrm

    zjarrm User


    Hello to all you Pirates , "Aventurieri" , "Masnadieri" muahahahhah

    Everybody of us knows that the "zombies" have invade all the seas and maps ... The " Marina BP" has no more forces to fight them. We near by the "oblivium" the zombies have everything diamonds ,gold ,immersions ahahhhahah blue map(wooodo) etc etc
    The only way to fight with them is making a video and send it by a bottle to "Marina Bay" and this kind of thing the two Klans of "Zombies" do it to themselves hahhahahhah incredible absolutely incredible.

    The existing of zombies in the seas create an infinity of problems like a domino.

    1)"Marina Bay Shop "

    The "Zombies" have their shop in the 4 SEAS of Europe they can grow their own Boats up to what they want and then can sell the boat,
    " Marina bay shop" empty , no money, no ideas;is inside of a great darkness.

    2) New pirates

    They can play just for a while but they see only zombies no fun and they stop (they cannot enter in arenas ,battlefields).


    Spider Bay
    Wrath of Carnage

    The tower life are not considered the boats shot is too much ( increase of life already suggested " No response") conclusion no fun for no one .

    A new problem "the zombies" so they cannot push ready hahahahhaha no "Battlefields" the new ones has to buy coins if they need decks or resources.
    " Kings Guard" 12 players for 6 days there were no games even one then the "zombies" decided that one of them need the Kings guard logo and played ahahhahahahha but even like this the small players can't play even a one game.
    For the consideration but the battlefields that needs more then 10 players hahahha is nearby the " dark zone" .... n

    "ARENAS 2VS2 3VS3"

    The Ban for "PUSHING".
    Is from 2014 that the arenas are the same you are allies or of the same guild make an action plan for the objectives that any member needed .... so all the players have to be ban everybody no one can be freee " Marina Dark BP"
    The problems of 2016 the "red bug" an infinite of players left the game
    Zombies 2014 " Marina Blue boat ..... erased the zombies " only the real players ruled the seas.
    What am i talking about .... is A blue BOAT tooo slow that is impossible to sink in 2014 THE entire Eu2 PL1 BGE RIP REF TUR GEN SYM AFU XXI DP all of us made the ship to be sink and was not like the "littel fear" this boat shoots back.
    The zombies goes after this boat for hours and the zombie is sinked any time .

    2021 the zombies have win no arena nothing how a zombie can push ready. A lot of players have left the game again so sad.

    So no 2vs2 3vs3 for fun Because if you push ready and the zombies put a small account and make a video or screenshot of you with 70k of life normal you win , the video or screen is send by bottle the " DARK MARINA "the result ban you for pushing , after that nobody wants to play anymore 2vs2 or 3vs3.


    "2014" ........................... no words to describe this "IDEA" that is in the mind of all the pirates all LATAM SEA , EUROPE SEA, INDIAN SEA or other SEAS all together but somebody " take the responsibility to answer "

    YES WILL BE DONE ? "WHEN" a date
    NO , IS IMPOSSIBLE. "WHEN" the game will be over

    This is the evolution of the game in a word " Obblio" or two" INFINITE DARKNES"

    Have a good game everybody .

    P.S don't edit the text is just my consideration is a forum we can discuss here.
    The "zombies" rules the game "Marina BP" has lost.

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