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  1. Well.I am playing in EU2 server and It is REALLY "not interesting" here....Because only a little number of guys play at English Global...So i started this thread to ask fellow Pirates a Question :oops::D
    01.What is the best server to play for english users?
    what i meant is...
    We have chance to start our own guild and get players to it (not by changing language and going to other chats) ...Well basicly what is the server there are lots of English users??? (except for the USA server).
    02.What is the best server to Become strong???? (in PVP...ships....because in EU2 we never have a chance to become a sea daemon too much PVPs:eek::eek::eek:)

    03.What is the server that most of the new players starting to play?

    pls take time and Answer lol :D
  2. thenoobie

    thenoobie User

  3. .SWIFTY.

    .SWIFTY. User

    Some peopIe say US1 is dyeing.
  4. c'mon guys any reply i was hoping more than this lol
  5. ivy87

    ivy87 User

    US 1 is not dyeing :) and if it why you still play every day on it?? in US 1 MANY NEW GUILDS so all have chance to get in first 10 guilds and get beter ships at least cost
  6. EddyJazz

    EddyJazz User

    I believe the best English Language server is definitely US1. I have an account on EU4, but everybody speaks Italian there and it's hard to communicate. As far as US1 server dying...well, certainly it's not the way it used to be. Many experienced players lost interest and are playing different games now. There is still a fair number of players allowing some interesting interactions. My best to you, ivy87! I'll see you around! :)
  7. Eclips

    Eclips User

    Arabia 1 is good to be sea demon:D its a litle server.
    In EU1 are a lot of players. Maybe there
  8. SeaWolf101

    SeaWolf101 User

    lol US1 is dead or almost! I frankly spend less and less time playing Pirate Storm because of all the lags and glitches caused by the US1 server. Why play a game that's going to give more frustrating results then a relaxing fun time. If EU2 is anything like server US1, then Good Luck to ya trying to play the game, lol!
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  9. tickles

    tickles User

    eu1 is best lots of english players :D
  10. Just curious, how much PVP needed now to be Sea Daemon on EU2? Currently US1 is at about 826,000
  11. I like LATAM 1 and Arabia 1 , Im play in LATAM and Arabia , my nick Don Makiavel !!
  12. Nearly 4.000.000, four millions.
  13. ŁukaszPL

    ŁukaszPL User

    Eu 3 TOP 1 2.923.290

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