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Discussion in 'Players' Corner' started by omar12312, Jan 23, 2016.

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  1. omar12312

    omar12312 User

    We are a large proportion of Arab us a game and it is not fair that there are only foreigner there was a forum Forums has a large interaction:mad:
    It was removed and the cause unknown and we want to restore this Arab Forum and became everyone knows that the big point Company
    It supports game Bashiq and neglected game PirateStorm , There is no good supervision or support in the Arab server and this number is decreasing day by day that will become extinct
    Please, returned as the Arab Forum was developed from the Arab Support:oops:
    ونحن على نسبة كبيرة من العرب لنا لعبة وليس من العدل أن هناك أجنبي فقط كان هناك منتدى المنتديات لديه تفاعل كبير
    تمت إزالته والسبب غير معروف، ونحن نريد لاستعادة هذا المنتدى العربي وأصبح الجميع يعلم أن الشركة نقطة كبيرة
    وهو يدعم لعبة الباشق واللعبة المهملة القراصنة العاصفة، وليس هناك إشراف جيد أو الدعم في الخادم العربي وهذا العدد آخذ في التناقص يوما بعد يوم أن تصبح منقرضة
    ارجوكم رجعوا المنتدى العربي مثلما كان وطوروا الدعم الفني العربي :oops:
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  2. gold_man

    gold_man User

    yes we have this problem , no arabic support , no active page on facebook, they don't annonce events :mad:, the support decline to give us our rights .
  3. gold_man

    gold_man User

    maybe 1/2 of players are arabic players on eu3 the best active server... please take care of your players ,.. #We_Need_Justice

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