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  1. This game have the same path as Deepolis, i think now is the best time to start play farmerama,
  2. Benek

    Benek User

    Last year Bigpoint took over the Chinese consortium Youzu Interactive. The goal of BP's acquisition was to enter the European browser market: League of Angels. 2. Profits from previous BP games are several hundred times smaller than LofA2, so the current owner decided to end their work without closing them to make the most of the least earnings. It will not eliminate bugs, repair games, or create new actions. It remains to swim here just for fun.
  3. New

    New User

    Bigpoint games = never
  4. this game is dead...

    EL_BARTO User

    Youzu Interactive Games = Never
  6. Newbiee

    Newbiee User

    Actually, that makes sense...
  7. saeed1202

    saeed1202 User

    They can move this game to a new Game Engine Like Unity Or Anything is possible, i think this is easy for a programer team. and will be better than flash.
  8. moriarti72

    moriarti72 User

    On the Russian forum very simply solved all the problems. Closed forum - and no problems
  9. No Martini , No Party.
  10. Heh. Dont cray like a old women. Everything changing. Cheaters will gone. Only strong will survive!
  11. Bunny

    Bunny User

    Im old woman, do i can cry :p:p
    I think you are very optimistic person... that's good, we need now miracle, so we need to persons who will be praying of this miracle ;):) start NOW:D
  12. Dann

    Dann User

    What about bug users and game update................. ? :cool:
  13. he players need to know the truth, that the game will not be closed because the owner of it, is still profiting from the other players of another served that still spend, he ended his work because BP's profit was very small so he sold BP but did not close the games, so events are bogged down in the store and they will never make the mistake.
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  14. PIPO1965

    PIPO1965 User

    4 months????.... Oh! my friend. The BUG problem was known since last year in LATAM1. For 10 months BP knew about the problem. I spoke in June with a player who had left LATAM 1 to EUR 1 and told me about it. And they did not do anything, nor are they doing it.
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  15. Perses

    Perses User

    It is even older - there is a video on youtube where player show that he have it in July 2015...In the same month I think where introduced the bonus slots and the bug can`t be done without them.There are other bugs which help you to make diamonds,bombastics and essentions or to buy stuff from the shop without lose resources and some big guilds know how to use them for years and sell the information to others.This s*upid game is dishonest for long ago....
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  16. PIPO1965

    PIPO1965 User

    The dishonest thing is that BP receives euros and does not worry about correcting errors
  17. PaganHorde

    PaganHorde User

    Maybe is older, but big problem since last 5 months
  18. It's been more than 6 months already, for such a time it was already possible to fix it...

  19. Bomj7791

    Bomj7791 User

  20. Ms. WaterWillow are you Single, if yes write me :D

    And now to the game, if you catch a cheater record or take a pic, send to them and they will remove only the ship with the bug, if they start to ban players, they will lost them all... "Safe one, kill other"

    Well if BP doesn't want to hear us, we will start to use bugs but this is only an another option. How about to merge all the servers will come an anarchy i think, new player, new guilds to be placed, and the worst for somebodies change in the PvP rank....
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