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  1. LAU09

    LAU09 User

    Thank you bigpoint for solving the bug problem
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  2. PaganHorde

    PaganHorde User

    It was probably fine irony?;)
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  3. wait the fast shooting ??

  4. ¿ when ?, month and month and a year with this problem and no made nothing,
  5. raidmax

    raidmax User

    Until they go bankrupt ...
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  6. vjmasiero

    vjmasiero User

    First they edited my post. Now my post has been deleted.
    I thought we could show our feelings against Bigpoint's disregard. But it looks like we have to be lambs.
    Stick with your boring chat !!
  7. WaterWillow

    WaterWillow Team Leader Team Pirate Storm

    Hello vjmasiero,

    We hope that you can use all sections of the forum in a tasteful and non-derogatory manner. However, personal attacks are not permitted in the forum and will be deleted as they are against the Forum Rules.

    The International Section is the only non-moderated section of the English Forum. At this time, in this section you may write freely without the risk of deletion or forum ban from repeat violation of Forum Rules.

    Is there anything else we can help you with?
  8. Hello every body

    ¿ No moderated International section ?

    Nobody answer our questions, read our ideas, nobody help the people unknow Inglish.

    And your face not put red, very well.
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  9. borzas

    borzas User

    how long are the cheaters of the seas? or the game is over?
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  10. saeed1202

    saeed1202 User

    Maybe they want to merge servers and fix the problems together in a same time.
  11. I agree the game will save only if you combine the server. But there is a problem, as it was written earlier it is very difficult to do.
  12. _machy_

    _machy_ User

    Everybody waiting for some news in game, but now we must wait. But everybody hope, that BP make in short time something with bugs and with game. Where is PVP season ? Where are news ? and what about events in future ?
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  13. vjmasiero

    vjmasiero User

    Yes. After conquering world peace !!
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  14. WaterWillow

    WaterWillow Team Leader Team Pirate Storm

    Hello All,

    The International Sections allow players to talk freely among each other. This permits you to share ideas, posts, etc. and at this time without the risk of a deleted post or ban. We hope that you use these sections to get to know one another and chat in your native languages.

    If you have questions, these will be answered in the other sections of the forum. However, these questions must be stated in English as the Forum Rules dictate at this time.

    We welcome you to the English Forum and we are here to assist you in any way possible.

    Happy Sailing!!!
  15. Ladies and gentlemans
    Keep calm and let's see how BP cans change the situation. Actually yes the game is dead but if you remember, BP never hear people's opinions, you can cry as you like but nothing will change, so i recommend you to left the game for 1 month and see if BP wants to react or not but stop crying pls and think about the music "J'ai la quéquette qui colle".
    Happy hollidays. A lot of kiss on you :*****

    Tonton Jean-Marc

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  16. Dear Mrs. WaterWillow.

    Could you ask the developers, аnd tell us, simple players:
    What are their plans for the future?
    How are they going to keep the remaining players?
  17. Akron

    Akron User

    Do you speak in rules?

    And the bug?

    Are rules?
  18. WaterWillow

    WaterWillow Team Leader Team Pirate Storm

    Ahoy Pirates,

    My job is to moderate the forums and make sure those that post in the forum abide by the Forum Rules. My duties are also to assist you in any way possible.

    The developers are responsible for fixing in-game problems and overall development of the game. Changes to the game, events, etc. are announced in the forum. As for the developers plans for the game, how they plan to keep players active, and when the bug will be fixed, I do not know these answers.

    The development team has been made aware of all your concerns. We ask for your patience as they work on fixing broken features of the game. And as always, you may contact support with any personal issues that you may have. You may reach support by clicking HERE. Please include the server you play on in your ticket.

    Happy Sailing!
  19. It's been more than 4 months already, for such a time it was already possible to fix it...I do not think that developers want to fix anything.

    If you put a monkey on a computer, it will fix the bug faster.
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