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  1. You can be sure of something(For those who play in europa 1) when bugs will be fixed you will die everytimes in arenas because you're all bad.
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    Ahoy Pirates,

    An official announcement concerning players taking advantage of programming errors and an attempt to fix the issue has not been made since the original post, which can be found HERE.

    To make statements and post video of glitched boats or fixes to glitched boats, would indicate that the poster is in Violation of the TOS. Glitching of a player's boat is a Violation of the TOS even if playing on the Test Server.

    Also, please be mindful that there are actual people behind each post. Personal Accusations are not permitted in the forum. Any proof to justify allegations of player(s) in Violation of the TOS need sent to support. You may reach the Customer Care Team by clicking HERE. Please remember to include which server you play on.

    Best Regards!

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