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    • To be able to see all the System Options
    • Go to the top right corner
    • Click on the Option button (2 gear's)
    • Once you click Options, you have 2 options
    • Drag Hud
    • If you click Drag Hud, you can move all of your toolbars and windows around to customize your page
    • System Settings
  1. General Tab
    • Once you click on System Settings a new window will pop up.
    • The first tab will be General
    • On this tab you can reset your window. Which means if you moved any of the HUD on your page around it will reset it back to default settings
    • Also you can reset your shortcuts, which resets all the keyboard shortcuts, back to default settings.
  2. Keyboard Layout
    • The next tab is Keyboard layout
    • On this tab in the System Settings,you can change
    • Track Ship
    • Names on/off
    • Map
    • Zoom in
    • Zoom Out
    • Attack
    • Up
    • Down
    • Left
    • Right
    • Stop Attack
    • You can also Reset Keyboard Layout,
    • By scrolling to the bottom of Keyboard Layout and clicking "RESET KEYBOARD LAYOUT"
  3. System Settings-Sound
    • The next tab is Sound
    • On this page you can turn sound effects on/off
    • The Effects volume
    • Music on/off
    • Music Volume
  4. On-screen Messages
    • The fourth tab is On-Screen Messages
    • This allows the player to
    • Turn on/off On-Screen Messages
    • Number of messages to appear on the screen
    • Disply Duration in seconds, meaning how long the messages stay on the screen
    • On the bottom portion it shows all the options of what can show on your screen
    • System Messages
    • Currency/Experience
    • Items
    • Quest Information
    • Battle Information
    • Map/Region
    • Buffs
  5. Graphics
    • On the last tab Fx(graphics)
    • You can turn on and off the following
    • Explosions
    • Water Animations
    • Clouds
    • Target Selection
    • Spray
    • Small Animations
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.