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Do you agree with these suggestions for submitting them to the developers?

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  1. Hello Pirates and those responsible for Moderation Team of the forum.

    I submit these ideas to the moderation of the forum so that they can study my proposals and transmit them to the developers in order to apply these ideas, to allow to find a good compromise between buying the articles while keeping the pleasure of playing for the community of players, and a profitability for Bigpoint.

    -Add a 2vs2 Arena Deck dedicated only to Devastator and Gladiator ships.

    Extra Cannons: 16
    Extra Harpoon launchers: 0
    Price: 30.000 diamonds
    Arena Points: 4.500

    This deck has its own section and replaces the Arena Tween Deck in 3vs3 which will only be available for the Destroyer of Worlds ship.

    This idea also allows you to make arena points so as not to neglect the other arena rewards.

    -Restore the Dragon Scorn ship during the Dragon Hunt Event to put it on sale at the same price 250.000 diamonds with the Wrath of Celeritas ship.

    -Restore the Iron Eagle 1 ship during the Big Tournament of Battlegrounds in the summer on sale for 200 Eagle Medals.

    -Restore the Piranha, Barracuda and Orca warships during the Skull and Crossbones event with the purchase of these diamond ships, as well as the Mighty Battle Deck for Orca and Front Battle Deck for Piranha and Barracuda.

    Many players are calling for the return of these magnificent ships that deserve to come back to see them on the seas of Pirate Storm.

    I thank in advance the Moderation Team of the forum for the attention they will pay to my proposals.

    As well as all the players, if you approve all my suggestions for support you, players, and Bigpoint and enjoy the game, I let you vote and I thank you in advance for your support!

    The interest of these ideas is to obtain an equal game for all, namely for example that the ships Eagle1 and Dragon Scorn who could be available for sale to all players, which would also be more beneficial for Bigpoint, while continuing to auction these event ships.

    Regarding arenas, the principle is the same, everyone should be able to have a chance for items.

    Good luck and happy sailing to all,
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