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    Ahoy Pirates,

    The pubs and taverns are abuzz with rumors of Jeanne de Frisson, the Lioness o' Saverra. It looks like the fearsome dame has put out a bounty for Cap’n Zymen Danseker and his men. Nobody knows quite why, but word’s got it, that jealously drove him to commit a crime of passion. Lovesick and filled with rage, he now sails the seas, ruthlessly killing anything and anyone who crosses his path – but above all, pirates of the female persuasion!

    Hoist the anchor and chart a course to take on lovelorn pirates in ferocious battles. Free Cap’n Danseker from his pain or pillage his islands. Bountiful booty awaits you in both cases!

    Event start: February 11th at 12 noon (CET).
    Event end: February 18th at 12 noon (CET).

    The event FAQs can be found Here.

    Your Pirate Storm Team

    ***Note: The original information we were given on the event was that it would last until the 19th. This may or may not be true. The In-Game Event notice states it will end on the 18th. Plan accordingly for the event to end on Thursday, February 18th.
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