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Remove the game and put the items in the store

  1. Yes, this is not a gabling site

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  2. No, let the "usual lucky" be the only ones to win

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    ANIKHTE User

    even if we got 1 scale for every kill we made
    do you think you can get enough scales to play enough times the games given the odds to actually win the deck??
    1/6141 so you need to play at least 6141 games with normal luck that is 61410 scales
    keep farming
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  2. MaxGrand

    MaxGrand User

    My question is pretty basic this game is playing odds and you can purchase more chances to increase your odds aka gambling. How is the possibly legal in the US but yet BP claims we are ineligible for the new moon lottery because it is gambling. When can I expect to become eligible for the new moon lottery since BP has now decided selling a item to gamble with is okay in the US?

    ANIKHTE User

    well also italy is illegal the new moon lottery
    but now we have the definition of gambling game
    use money , buy chips, play, win nothing
    and thats legal???

    with the new moon lottery you did not have to do anything it was a bonus from the game
    you could not use money to buy doubloons, to participate it was a plain click i participate
    to get the doubloons was a seemliness process in game BUT ILLEGAL FOR USA AND ITALY

    you are not the only one that you wonder this
    in this side of the Atlantic people are wondering also
  4. MaxGrand

    MaxGrand User

    Even if this were a legal gambling website, I know that the odds of winning are not legal in my home State. This is some shady form of marketing if you ask me and I bet many States Attorney General's offices would agree...

    ANIKHTE User

    l live in this side of the Atlantic
    for us USA is big big crazy country
    we can not understand how you think no offense

    the think is this game is characterized under no lucky game and has a permit for that
    you can get a permit to be an online casino also but thats a different permit
    so according to your permit you can legally have some kind of games and some not

    do you think the company developers made a decision without asking their lawyers??
    but an official respond also about this aspect would be nice to have
    so we do not have to speculate

    ANIKHTE User

    if the company refuse to answer a question if the minigame is legal or not
    CAN SOMEONE FROM USA ask in the police for the legality of the minigame??
    if the company for what ever reason chooses not to answer a question so important as this one
    then the players can answer it for the company.
    can anyone ask and get an answer to such a serious question as it is the legal status of the mini game??

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  7. is the flying dragon the only deck associated (distantly) with this event? I thought there was another deck that normally goes only with the dragon ship but I can't see it in shop or anywhere.

    And as to gambling--if we had to pay to play the game the USA would consider it gambling. Unfortunately we may spend money on the game but not on the rock-paper-scissors gambling part. it's not gambling it's just a badly designed add on game :eek:
  8. THE Muhussu deck is available if you get the invasion points
  9. got the points, didnt see it until i looked under rewards in my guild. weird it usually shows in shop
  10. The whole premise of the mini-game, when taken in conjunction with the Countries that cannot get the Dragonwing deck, should have precluded the game from EVER being implemented.
    Its one thing that the Full Moon Lottery is only available to some countries' players and not others.
    No big deal. No playing advantage per se, is gained by winners.
    Its entirely another when an ADVANTAGE IS AVAILABLE to some countries players and not others.
    Thats' a big deal and makes for an unfair advantage for some players of countries that can get the deck.
    How much clearer must this be?
    Its like DUH.....but apparently not.
  11. You do not have to purchase dragonscales.....thats a choice. Gambling or not is not the least for me. Could care less if its deemed gambling or not even though OBVIOUSLY the US and Italy think it is..hence those players cannot gamble.
    At issue is the Unfair Advantage that is afforded to most of the the players but precluded for others.
    If depending on where you live determines what items are available to you for playing the game.......then the game has been rendered unfair to a minority of players by the owner.
    Thats the issue that SHOULD BE IMPORTANT to the game owner.........IS IT FAIR TO ALL aint rocket science!

    ANIKHTE User

    well my dear friend
    we start with that it is iilegal for some countries to have the game because it is consider gabling
    and then when we establish that we proceed with discrimination between players.
    but to have the discrimination first you need to not to have the game in some countries
    this mini game was played in all countries

    you got now the logic??
    why i ask about the legal status in those 2 countries??

    as for the not need money to get them if you farm all the event you would be lucky to get 1000 dragonscales
    thats nothings if you will try to get the deck

    and guys its not only the deck
    blood donor 1500 for 20 sec heals 30k life better than kirus 20k
    rocket 300 damage for 30 sec that 9k damage
    rocket 7500 -10.000 damage
    item 20% more damage with cannons
  13. Wedgewood

    Wedgewood bp_phrase_Forum_Demigod

    As this discussion has moved from its original proposition and entered into questions of legality I would have no choice but to close the thread unless future posts remain on topic:

    "Should the mini-game be removed and the items be placed into the merchant"

    Please kindly remain on topic. :)
  14. PaganHorde

    PaganHorde User

    if not a bit late?
  15. Glad that is over ..... Thats all i got to say about it worst idea ever....
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  16. So, how many players won the Deck? Can we get a count from BP? We announce who wins the lottery. We can see who wins the Auction on the Blood Moon Deck. Who were the winners of the Rock, Paper, Scissors Tournament?
  17. slammer

    slammer User

    maybe better do ask if anyone won the dragon wing deck (we could call it the unicorndeck nobody as ever seen one and only heard about it in fairytales) to post their win here prefably with a screenshot)
  18. ares won it on usa server he won it day 2 after only playing 4 times prior lol hes the only one on this server to win it

    ANIKHTE User

    in eu2 its even better story
    someone won in playing only 1 time
  20. PaganHorde

    PaganHorde User

    I have a premonition that we're going to see many more such jokes...
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