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Remove the game and put the items in the store

  1. Yes, this is not a gabling site

    29 vote(s)
  2. No, let the "usual lucky" be the only ones to win

    2 vote(s)
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  1. =Royal=

    =Royal= User

    I hope they will let us to buy with diamonds all the items from the mini game Rock, Paper or Scissors. Like this they will make us a little more happy. This mini game was a very bad idea and I hope it's first and last time when they use something like this.
  2. ABEL19

    ABEL19 User

    Hello im spanish player from Eu3,i totally agry with you.I bought 1100dragonscale and I go only to round 7.The probability for take the deck is 0.04% it's not posible to win...This is my account as you can see i have the moondeck but i will not waste more money in this imposible things.I wait for change this minievent or many people will stop pay,bye
    Vote in spanish forum:
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  3. ROARY

    ROARY User

    I can honestly say i would rather do that than this event :)
  4. PaganHorde

    PaganHorde User

    Dragon wing deck replace something?
  5. Eclips

    Eclips User

    Yes I tought it did, The upperdeck

    ANIKHTE User

    it replace nothing it has its own space
    aditional 18 cannons
  7. PaganHorde

    PaganHorde User

    If you win that=P

    ANIKHTE User

    GUYS for reasons beyond me the previous poll was deleted.
    So please vote again. After talking to the spanish forum there is a public unrest there with more 40 negatives votes against the minigame. Here we were at 43 votes before the poll disappeared. So guys its a golden opportunity vote again and show how much you like or dislike the game. We want a clean game for same opportunities for all. Not theoretical possibilities. Theoretical you can win the lottery but i do not see anyone planning his life for what to do after he is going to win. We do not mind some aspects of the game to be DIFFICULT but not practically impossible To make 10 victories at a row the odds is only 0,048% or 1/2047 games. Thats how many different outcomes are if you play 10 times the game. While each game has 1/3 to win, the added condition of 10 victories is that trim out the odds. The possibility of tie is not helping you is against you. Because for each tie you need to play again and the more times you play the possibility to win goes down while the possibilities to loose goes up. Plain maths. Nothing more nothing less.

    As another person said AN ILLEGAL SITE used that game for gabling and there you needed only 3 or 5 won in the row to win money. If gabling real money they give you better odds to win, then there is nothing more to say about the decision of the company to demand 10.

    People are angry . People are pissed. People feel the company shows no respect. If this is not fixed asap then this minigame will be the last gabling for piratestorm. The company gambled the future of the game in long shoots. And guess what the company LOST.
    Its funny that the odds works both ways.

    so your problem is the insurances that you can actual stuck and have them to say 2 ,3 4 or what ever days you want. Your only problem is not that is impossible to get the deck. Your only worries is that you can loose it???

    So lets see you join the game. First think you do put insurances. Oh yes its so hard to do, but win the deck in minigame is much easier for you.


    If you played the game you will notice that in each round there are 2 possible rewards. So now the question that arouse is if thats the case for round 10 also.

    people need to know for what gift they play the minigame
    do they play for the deck or not.

    because if you though 0,048% was bad if there is another gift as option then the odds are even worse.

    Waiting for more official info about this matter.
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  9. ABEL19

    ABEL19 User

    I have the answer to all.In round 10 you have 2or more prizes I give you screen here and you can see:
    Please if you have teamspeak I would like to go and speak about this minievent.
    Probability to round 10 if:
    If there are 2 prizes-->1/4094=0.02442598%
    If there are 3 prizes-->1/6141=0.01628399%
    Last edited: Apr 16, 2016

    ANIKHTE User

    actually thats the best way scenario simple to cut the odd to half or to 1/3. But once more the maths our friends wants more info to say if thats true or not. So lets see 2 rounds with 1 gift and 1 round of 3 gifts. Thats make 1536 different lotteries you play. Different in the way that provide different gift to you. Lets say every outcome has the same odds to appear. But but there is always a good old but with maths because we favor a specific outcomes it does not mean the maths favor it. With plain words you can reach 4, 10, 100 time sin round 10 and not find the deck and still you are well into the safe limit o fa probabilities. Because you wont a deck and it is 512 times out of the 1536 it does not mean it will appear every 3 games. That you experience in the divings. While you get 10% of real map pieces it does not mean that in every 10 dives you get 1 piece. But is not uncommon to get 4-5 in a cluster of 6-7 dives and then wait 60 or more divers for the next map piece. All normal and in the end you end up with 10% So the odds are ???????

    if people want to talk with me teamspeak
  11. ares just won the deck on usa server.u dont need to have ten wins in a row u can have draws but u need 10 wins no loses and deck will be there on the tenth

    ANIKHTE User

    noone said you need 10 win in the row
    but i calculate the best scenario for winning and thats to make 10 wins in the row

    the more times to play the odds increases with every game you play
    so the ties work against you

    and to make 10 win in the row its 0.048% or 1/2047 odds

    if you want to check how many games down the line?? 15 20??
    the odds to have 10 wins will go down

    its a simple rule the more times you play the higher the odds to loose
    simple and plain
    thats why i calculated the best scenario for the odds
    and i said that i calculate the outcomes of playing 10 games in a row

    well he was extremely lucky because you can enter round 10 and there can be no deck
    and 1 person winning that does not make the game immediate good
    its just proves how bad it is
  13. Ragnost

    Ragnost User

  14. regge72

    regge72 User

    one more event like that one and i done with that game,,30min farming got only 8 scales.....
  15. This is the absolute worse game and is terrible for Pirate Storm All complain and Big Point do Nothing

    ANIKHTE User

    you wont one more event like this??? really
    many people say if they do not address the issue with the miniCASINO they will stop playing
    in the spanish forum they are many people that posted fix it or we stop playing

    the company needs to respect the paying customer
    if they show no respect then they can have a ghost pirate game

    people are furious with the decision of the company
    i started this thread from when the dragon event was in test server in a futile attempt to prevent the minigame to enter in the game because i knew of the disappointment and angry feelings it will bring the game community
    the company refuse to listen and now we have the only outcome it could have come out of this game


    not to mention when we thought the minigame was worse we realize that you may or not win the game
    there is no other game that you play and you do not know for what you play for
    the information in the forum is misleading at least making the whole community to believe that the deck is in round 10
    which it may be or MAY NOT be the case

    so apart from the people that spent money in a pure GAMBLING game winning nothing now we also now people that
    manage to reach round 10 and did not even win the deck.

    if only the company could allow the players to freely express themselves how they think about this event and the company
    right now.

    POLITE WORDS is not what it comes into my mind so lets say here for the company the players may not express themselves in the forum but they talk together and they use the worse of the worse words to talk about the event and the company.
    IF YOU CARE for how your players think about you and what you do with the game
  17. slammer

    slammer User

    the probability that you will win at Rock-Paper-Scissors when playing vs a computer that makes random choices is 0.5, There is a one in three chance that a result ends in a tie but this does not affect the eventual outcome as long the game replays in the event of a tie. 1 win 50%,2 wins 25%,3 wins 12.5%, 4 = 6.25 ,5 = 3.125, 6=1.5625, 7=0.78125, 8= 0.0390625 , 9= 0,1953125, 10 win is 0.09765625% , and it appears to be that there are 2 prizes that are randomly given when you get 10 wins reducing the odds to 0.048828125% to get the deck.

    or 1 win needs 2 games, 2 wins 4 games ,3 wins needs 8 games, 4 needs 16, 5 is 32, 6 is 64, 7= 128, 8 = 256, 9 = 512, 10 = 1024 then the random prize possibliity makes it 2048 games to play to win the deck if you have the average luck.

    therefore you need 20 480 black dragons scales costing 1.99euro/75 = 543 euro to win the deck on average. ofcourse you can win it for 1.99euro and you can still not have it after 543 euro its all luck.

    thank you BP for this great minigame i have read many posts from players in the past asking for this minigame. It is so good that BP listens to its players and delivers them what they want. please more minigames that cost more and with even less chances to win.

    ANIKHTE User

    you can also be hit and die by a meteor but i do not see you worried about that
    there is a possibility to win but realistic practical is impossible

    you can not simplify the game to 50% to win loose
    when the ties actual works against you
    the tie does not give you one more chance to win , it increases the chances for you to loose

    this is the only game i know that the winner is a looser, because you play for the deck and you may not get it
    congratulations for this global innovation
  19. maybe just me but scales dont seem to drop like they did the first couple days
  20. ROARY

    ROARY User

    I would not put it past the developers making it even harder :)
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