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Remove the game and put the items in the store

  1. Yes, this is not a gabling site

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  2. No, let the "usual lucky" be the only ones to win

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    ANIKHTE User

    In an attempt for the company to provide something new it is adding 1 new stupid thing after another

    after the fiasco of ursus
    ursus offered nothing to the game apart from marketing reasons
    1 new power that is so bad noone will get it
    1 new ship so slow and bad statistics noone will buy and build
    1 new cannon why not we need to say we put something

    apart from the items in the ursus being a failure the battleground is a failure since the bugs are still there and thus it is not playable.

    NOW in test server we see the new abomination of the company

    many new things in the dragon event that are only accessible through a game of paper scicors stone!?!?!?!?!?! and the best thing in order to get anything you need to make 3 continues victories and to get the best you need to make 10 !?!?!?!?!

    so what that means
    it is a pirate game i have a ship i am not here to play a stupid child game which if i fail once in 10 times i get nothing

    REMOVE THE child game and give the new items through bonus maps or in the store to buy

    stop putting stupid things like that in the game
    only the people that cheat will get the items and the people that spend money in the game and support the company will be weaker and weaker.

    as it is normal to be accounts with 2k lunar protections when you can not buy lunar protections anywhere and before the game had the mission of the battlegrounds and you could win 4 every day.

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  2. =Royal=

    =Royal= User

    I totally agree with you ANIKHTE. I used 2000 Black dragonscale and I never reach more than level 6. You make around 30-40 Black dragonscale per hour, so you need to play 50 hours to make those 2000 Black dragonscale and you are not 100% sure that you will get that deck. It is impossible to take that deck. It is a really disappointment this Dragon Hunt event. And about that 2k lunar protections, I don't like the cheaters too. On Europe 1 we have one player with almost 1k Colossus blood (+7.500 HP) and many others items, how is this possible?

    ANIKHTE User

    lets all united our voices
    the company needs to stop putting things in the game that only favors the cheaters
    the company needs to RESPECT THE PAYING CUSTOMERS
    the company needs to give a game with the same odds to all
    not few players with everything and the majority with nothing

    this stupid kinder-garden game will be the last nail in the game
    go ahead company close the game faster
    make the cheaters unbeatable and see the few remaining people stop playing

  4. raidmax

    raidmax User

    Obviously they have decided to quit this game :(
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  5. Corb8

    Corb8 User

    Yes this is true,they whant destroy the game,not stoping the cheaters,the peoples who know the back door ....i thinkg when they change the company they beging do the game correct,but ...
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    ANIKHTE User

    and some lovely maths
    to make 10 straight victories the odds are
    0,048852% in 10 games to have 10 victories
    0,488519785% in 10 games to have 9 victories

    50% you have to loose :) at any of the 10 games and thus you need to start again

    so there is theoretical possible to do it
    and there is the practical aspect

    theoretical you can make the 10 victories in sequence
    in reality you will loose before making it

    of course if you can play 2047 times theoretical you will have 10 victories in sequence

    the people that make decisions for the game either they do not know maths (most possible)
    they know maths but they do not want us to win the items (even more possible)
    and only the cheater willl end up having the items

    so if we try to see the odds for playing 10 games in a row are 2047 possible outcomes
    10 victories 1 possibility
    9 victories 10 possibilities
    8 victories 45 possibilities
    7 victories 120 possibilities
    6 victories 210 possibilities
    5 victories 252 possibilities
    4 victories 210 possibilities
    3 victories 120 possibilities
    2 victories 45 possibilities
    1 victory 10 possibilities
    0 victories 1 possibility
    LOSE 1023 possibilities 50%

    so practically you have 50% chance to loose and 50% of still needing victories because of the possibility of draw and only 1/2047 to actually finish the 10 victories and the more you play the worse the odds become for you

    its a mini game paper scissor rock it is not a battlefield
    the condition of 10 victories in sequence destroys your chances
    playing only 1 time you have 33% to win
    needing 10 victories your odds are 0,048851979% so keep dreaming you will unlock and take the items
    the mini game makes sure only the CHEATERS will get them
    from what they wrote in the forum and what we see in the test server
    there is
    1. new deck 18 cannons
    2. blood donor 1500 life for 20 seconds
    3. missile min 7500 max 10.000
    4. missile 300 damage duration 30 sec
    5. cannonballs 15 damage thus the best cannonballs in the game

    these are the new items available only in the mini game

    from people playing the mini game the rewards are always the same
    1. the old cannonballs of dragon event (can be bought any time at shop, reward in bonus map)
    2. maritime insurance (in the battlegrounds week Lodos possible to buy them )
    3. dragoneye (you need invasion points to unlock them)

    so as you see the new items most likely are placed in the last 5 positiions
    which make them simple a fantasy to obtain

    the stupid people that make designs in the game must stop adding features that are theoretical possible and actual put something possible for all

    BUT for the STUPID people that work in the company they do not understand that possible for all does not need to be easy to get.

    If they implement this in the game that will be the end. The cheaters will get the deck and the items while the rest of us will get nothing.
    if the company things people will play so a few people that cheat can control the game they are mistaken. Thats why eu4 from 6000 people playing a day is down to what 200???. Put the mini game and loose half of them imminently and then close the game.

    or do not put the stupid mini game, fire the stupid people in the company that make this stupid ideas, and remove the cheater from the game. and let the game catch on again.

    not only the game is not winnable lets see who will actual play the game
    to get the requirement 10 black seals to play 1 game you need to farm in a zone where the npc are +-3 your level
    map 12 have npc 18, 18 and 19 thus players until level 22 can farm in the protective limited pvp zones

    if you are 23 and more you are out of luck you will have to farm in the open pvp zones.
    so what you think will happen
    1) weak players will slowly farm in map 13 or above
    2) all the players will be down and kill them all day long????

    as for the lucky 22 that will farm in zone 12 if he is a new palyer that means no good cannons no harpoons so farming is not the word i would use more like torture

    so again and again and again the stupid people in the company drive the new players away from the game
    HOW HARD is to make tha game playable also for new players???
    we need new players to replace the old ones that leave the game
    but all your decisions have made a hostile not playable game for new players

    after the fiasko of ursus which is not fixed and the 0 coins for the last 3 players that made the battleground not playable by everyone
    now the new dragon event again not playable for anyone apart for the cheaters
    the people that make the decision have the actually play th game?? because from their decisions it seems they do not event log in once the game
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  7. Dumb_Luck2

    Dumb_Luck2 User

    maybe they can fix BF so new players can get in a lot more than they do. Can't unlock items if I cant get in.
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  8. Blackwater

    Blackwater User

    this rock paper sissors is a bad idea unless we can purchace items at end of event. The botters, bots on auto will be only ones to win.
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    ANIKHTE User

    well the dragon hunt says only in the mini game
    so another victory for the cheaters
    this is the end of the game
    in the past we had the cheaters having unlimited supply of lunar protections consumables but now the cheaters will have things the rest can not
    if the company wants the cheaters and the black marketeers they can keep it
    and if they think i will touch any other game from their company then they are even more idiots
    as said from many people you do not respect the people that give you money you will not only loose them in piratestorm but form bigpoitnt
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  10. Rock, Paper, Scissors. Just Horrible.
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  11. yes is very horrible, is a pirate game, what this Rock, Paper, Scissors sorry
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  12. Eclips

    Eclips User

    Well, I agree it's a terrible idea. It has nothing to do with pirates. Further the deck is destroyable and the strong canonballs you can get, are given by 1k which is 6 shots :/ There is nothing crazy-good stuff...

    Further... Only people who farmed with guildletter 50, and are strong on level 19-27 are able to get good loot... Here on EU3 is map 28-31 overloaded with people and impossible to do anything.
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  13. Corb8

    Corb8 User

    The players can say ,this idea is very bad idea,but the opinion of the players isn't interesting for the Pirate storm team,they continue whit the plan,the game stupid working and now don't have solution.
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  14. ROARY

    ROARY User

    If this deck gets into the wrong hands..Which it will. Players will never, Ever be able to win the arena so they will quit angrily because they cannot complete their ultimate objective, To win the Destroyer.

    Bigpoint have put their game in the faith of a chance. Welldone. You have no respect for anyone. You may aswell turn the servers off now cos that's the way this game is going.
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  15. guildfarm

    guildfarm User

    company was warn about this
    and now we have furious post in youtube of people spending 115 euros and win nothing

    company turn the game from a normal game to a gambling game
    asking money from people to play a game there is no guarantee to win anything

    and while the normal customers are angry and upset
    the usual subjects write in the global chat that they have the deck

    wow what a sup rice
    the normal paying customers get nothing
    and the usual people get everything

    not to talk the immoral part turning pirate storm into a casino a pure gambling game

    i go play poker stars there the competition is clean and the cheaters are away
    the last person can close the door
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  16. ROARY

    ROARY User

    Three Arrested for Operation of Rock-Paper-Scissors Gambling Site

    The site offered one game: rock-paper-scissors, at which players anted ¥130 and could win prizes of ¥1,000 ($11.50) for winning three games in a row or ¥10,000 ($115) for five games in a row; a Tokyo MPD spokesman stated that the odds on winning five in a row are just 0.9%. Some 27,000-plus played on the website, which ended up paying out just ¥1.43 million, or about 1.1% of the total income.

    Pirates storms game is worse. Was they not brought out by another company this month ;)?
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  17. guildfarm

    guildfarm User

    anikhte calculate the odds to win 10 in a row to 0,048%

    but it is funny an illegal gambling site to ask for 3 or 5 wins and bigpoint to ask for 10 it says a lot for the company
  18. ROARY

    ROARY User

    My thoughts exactly. They were paying out money for 3 wins, bigpoint won't even give us free pixels.
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  19. deerslayer

    deerslayer User

    well i find this new game close to imposable it is disapointing to me if u wanna make it hard offer the deck up as a reward for most scales farmed in 24 hrs for top 3 players each day or something along that line of thoughts or put it up for sale dont mind spending alittle on the game but i would like something for my hard earned money idk but as far as for me and others i have talked to we are unhappy with this new game and the oddds and out comes from what i have seen so far
  20. PaganHorde

    PaganHorde User

    This mini-game is just as effective, as you try to pee against the wind:D
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