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  1. I am tired of having skulls and nothing to do with em, i bought everything up to my PVP rank and still have about 10k skulls, So, Please, Please give as a skulls auction ( but onlu for peeps who are Captain through Sea lion as the players who have a higher rank have alot of skulls and it would be easy for them to win). I don't Care what is in the auction as long as it is new and worth spending skulls. Seriously, other then a cuda, what's there to get when you havea Sea Lion Rank, Give us harps, Rockets or Cannonballs!!!:mad:
  2. yeah goo idea......
    We also said that like 3-5 times in the preveouis fourm.......But it's not indrodouce yet :(:(:(
    We Want a Skull Auction!!!!!!:cool::cool::cool:
  3. -Scruff-

    -Scruff- User

    Nice idea but don't exclude players who have a lot of skulls but few diamonds as they are already excluded from Smugglers Bay auction. At least skulls can't be bought with diamonds. Well not directly anyways.
  4. Not players who have alot of skulls, but playes with the rank of sea demon or Sea terror AKA top 10 and 100. They are in top ten and 100 beacuse they have a good boat and so should let other peeps upgrade their boats.

    Just an idea tho, not sure if BP will accept it:(
  5. Yeah im not sure either
  6. I mean come on what do we do with all those skulls? Nothing. So, give us harps, ammo, or rockets to spend it on or better yet an auction
  7. there is an event where you can use your skills for cannonbals or buffs, they are high priced so now you now when you can use skulls for other stuff!
  8. SeaWolf101

    SeaWolf101 User

    It's too bad we can't trade with other players with things we no longer need or use. I'd be first on your list if we ever have a 'trading post' here or a Skull auction house for all players!
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  9. Amnesia

    Amnesia User

    The fact is that Big Point makes their money by selling stuff in the game. If they let you sell off your unwanted 10 lb. cannons (for example), you will use those diamonds to buy new equipment, rather than buying diamonds from Big Point. It'd be a losing proposition. I wouldn't expect to see an option to sell off old equipment any time soon.
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  10. Exactly!
  11. SeaWolf101

    SeaWolf101 User

    So true. Bigpoint does make their money by selling diamonds and a wide selection of different packs, (such as the premium pack.) However, an occasional 'Skull Day Auction' or a special "Pirate Day Trade'...(If it's a once in awhile thing,) would be fun.
    Personally, I don't think that it would break the bank, so to speak.
  12. phil1985

    phil1985 User

    they had an event where you could exchange the skulls for items in the game to help you like cannon balls and other items to
  13. soccerseb

    soccerseb User

    i wish i could get skulls :( i have 8
  14. SeaWolf101

    SeaWolf101 User

    Port Wars are a good source for skulls.
  15. Hodini

    Hodini User

    About the skulls you know there is a event for it.But it have been hapend only once so it will be good if they put this event once at 3 mouths for example so whoever whant to buy something to buy it.:)
    And about the traiding skulls and other things it will be great if bigpoint make like to trade skulls,gold,and cannons to other players.They can make a button trade near the name of the other player and then they start to trade invisible so nobody can hurt them while trading.I think it would be great if BIgpoint do something like that.:)

  16. but why do they give diamonds back for diamonds cannons if they also can sell diamond cannons for gold?
  17. it is the same butt now they never forget it!

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