Skulls of new pvp system

Discussion in 'Players' Corner' started by crazysohail, Dec 12, 2016.

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  1. MakoMack

    MakoMack User

    I'm sorry, but you've got to be kidding. How can a new player possibly win more than 50% of their encounters so they can build up pvp points and skulls. They long time player who rode the 50 letters are loving this (you know the piranha's with 40k hp and 6k shots). They get to sink the new players in the zones under z14 with ease.
    Rising up the pvp rank meant nothing before and means nothing now to new players. I've been playing for almost a year and I see no way I'll ever get to buy a large warrior again. I'm lucky to have wings above my boat for 10 minutes on open water. That is unless I were to go to z5 and sink really new players and then they won't stay in the game long.
    Like ANIKTHE said, I'm probably in it through the winter event to help my guild-mates. But if the pvp stays, I'll find some other game to spend my time on.

    ANIKHTE User

    the game with the artificial super strong players, thanks to guild letter 50, the mix of all players in arena, battlegrounds and events to compete in the same level, practically means that a new player will always be 0 pvp and 0 skulls. Even if the player looses half his skulls and half pvp points thats nothing, because the ration of times sunken and times sunk will be against him. Also loosing the skulls effectively made all the players to hide behind ahabs. In the past you could see people farming with ahab or other ships now it is an endless ahab domain. I tell to my players to get and built an ahab if they want to keep playing the game. Which raise a question, why a new player to even bother to get any winter ship??? Because with the skulls items even if a player gives me no pvp the old players sink him for the skulls. So big ship is just a big target painted on the new player saying sink me.
  3. Whoa, wait a minute---the big ships are sinking smaller ones in zones 1-14?? When did that change? I stopped logging in over a week ago and rarely went to those zones. Are you saying that newbs have no protection now whatsoever???

    With no new players surviving and the crappy pvp system the game will be a ghost.

    I thought the Chinese understood business economics !!
  4. done with duelling - its called pushing

    ANIKHTE User

    second 3rd or what ever account number rules the byrades now
    artificially staying level 22-25 and with 10k or more pvp
    the pushing rules
    even worse when we had the old system
  6. Pushing has been part of this game since I joined in 2012. It is not new but certainly old. If it is not arena then it is now with PVP. The strong get stronger and the weak just leave. Just part of this game.

    ANIKHTE User

    and then when the game runs out of players the game mechanics turn and bite the ultra strong in the ...
    no battleground no arena nothing
    whats the usa1 now?? 5-10 battlegrounds int he whole week??
  8. i would like to add i strongly dislike the new pvp system ...

    and harshly worded letter has been sent to mamagment

    that is all
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  9. If that many at all, plus with this new pvp system it might be less or maybe just ahabs
  10. even ahabs are hampered by the system---I've always used my ahab for almost everything and I've stopped playing. It has become a really stupid game.
  11. Yeah the older system got lots of accumulated points, but implanting this new PvP system dosent solve the problem.

    I would say it almost makes it worse, just look at this comment from a new player, just take a look:

    We all have this problem (minus the best of the best), I will never be able to compete again and almost all will lose more than gain. I have never heard of a game that removes in-game arena currency for being bad, never. Rank, clearly, but never and I say never, a game that removes in-game arena currency for being a bad player. And I know why.
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  12. jballato

    jballato User

    Good Job BigPoint. You really killed it now. The game was dying before you implemented the new PVP system now all you did was put the final nail in the coffin. Congratulations! No more money for YOU!!
    Last edited: Jan 7, 2017
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  13. BP obviously does not listen to or care about customers. Not only did they "put the final nail in the coffin" they used screws also. Screw the premium players, screw the old players, screw the new players.
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  14. Greatbeard

    Greatbeard User

    I am a level 50 player with all Bombastic and Eagle cannons on a fully decked out Frostbrand, and I cannot maintain the level of skulls or PVP I accumulated over a 3 year run in this game.

    Brilliant design for the new PVP Season, BigPoint. o_O:confused::rolleyes:
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  15. coke

    coke User

    Bad pvp system for new players,like me.. cant win pvp and all time lose skulls!
  16. 1111

    1111 User

    The harbor war was fun.:) A small level player was able to get the skulls..
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  17. daviddado

    daviddado User

    lol i like pvp :p but i dont kill new players so they hopefully stay
  18. daviddado

    daviddado User

    o wait i kill everbody i can beat :p pvp is harder yes but i dont think i stop playing because of it.
    its more that server are empty, so if you need to make that rang 4 you need to cheat (more accounts) and trade with other players.
    i hope some servers get put together. But that's probably not possible.
  19. daviddado

    daviddado User

    iam lvl 25 with 15k hp and do 980 damage so am not op at all

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