Skulls of new pvp system

Discussion in 'Players' Corner' started by crazysohail, Dec 12, 2016.

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  1. New PVP System is going to start. I dont know how it will be.

    But the problem is..... Making PVP points Zero is ok, but what about skulls. we earn that skulls and we are waiting for skulls and cross bones day to buy items. But if bigpoint make that skulls to Zero is not good i think.

    Please think bigpoint
  2. [-PRO-]

    [-PRO-] User

    OMG im still trying to get full Large Warrior only a few more to go , and the PvP Symbols are horrible they look like pathetic drawings from a 2 year old
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  3. *HANIBAL*

    *HANIBAL* User

    you kill this game...
    nice PvP sistem :D
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  4. Greatbeard

    Greatbeard User

    Unbelievable. BP announces something on test server with minimum details, then implements a major change to the game server with no announcement, wiping out accumulated reward points. Outside of the "log", which disappears almost as quick as it is listed due to the minuscule buffer provided, I cannot even find a place where BP is showing me the the 100 PVP points or 11 skulls I have managed to earn since they managed to get the game back on line today.

    Inverted Kudos to the BP management on this fiasco!

    Maybe we should expect another Bait and Switch Scheme from BP on this one like when they announced we could buy special avatars including enhanced powers, then decided (without announcing their switch until after the avatars were being sold) to sell the avatars without delivering the enhanced powers.

    The Announcement about this PVP Season on the Test Server said that earning PVP points would win the players special rewards. I don't see those rewards any where, but I guess if they never announce what those rewards are on the game servers,
    we should not assume they were real.
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  5. Amnesia

    Amnesia User

    On the test server there was a "PvP season" (showing as an event when you logged in). I'm assuming we will eventually get into PvP season 1, with rewards etc. It may just be taking them some time to impliment the entire system.

    MOJOJOJO. User

    they destroy seafight and now this game when is it going to end every game they make is great at first then they add more rubbish and ruin it
  7. bbb0815

    bbb0815 User

    are we getting our old sculls back? any idea?
  8. zzz

    zzz User

    I agree. this is something I do not know what, if this new PVP will be useful for new players so ok. funny PVP season but why lose skulls and pvp points?:mad: I do not believe that lower level player may open large warrior cannons. I may be wrong
    Fun a game of for all:p:p
  9. DemonLord

    DemonLord User

    Yes old skulls back and at noon pvp season 1 starts.
    It's up on Euro1 now
  10. PaganHorde

    PaganHorde User

    How they destroy seafight?
  11. MakoMack

    MakoMack User

    The rich get richer and the little boats leave.
    I started this new PvP with 71 skulls, close to getting another large warrior. Now I'm getting sunk more than ever by the lvl 50's and have 35 skulls (I won an arena match and got to see my skulls finally). Not that it really matters since there is ZERO chance I'll ever get enough PvP points to ever unlock the LWs again.
    The big boats will probably love it with something new to go after. It just made the game less fun for us little boats.

    MOJOJOJO. User

    with seafight they added voodoo point new cannons and more castle another ruined game
  13. I remember Sea fight lol
    the new pvp system is goofy
  14. Co_Ban

    Co_Ban User

    I am new player. I was cannon fodder before this upgrade but i had the chance to steal some skulls by lurking at port wars. In arena i mostly get players stronger than me and again i lose points and skulls. Seem to me that now i only play to lose points i acumulated at port wars. I dont see the way to upgrade my ship with better cannons or decks. I can only play pve and get anoyed every 2 minutes when some lvl50 goes by and sink my ship. If i am wrong please clarify things for me. I like to support every game i play. So i payed monthly subscription for this one as well. Even bought some diamonds. Yesterday i canceled it. I havent even started to properly play this game and already i lost interest.
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  15. Scarr

    Scarr User

    I have been playing a little over a week. I had enough skulls to purchase the battle keel then the PvP system updated. I have lost what little skulls I had left and do not see the use of trying to get more. Any boats I can sink are probably in the same situation or soon will be. Even if BP makes arena play for lower level players, you's still lose skulls in open play. Not sure yet what to think of it but not looking good for newbs, just going to farm and not hand out skulls.
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  16. Newbiee

    Newbiee User

    I am playing the game for more than a year. Currently most of my things are maxed (seals, ships, items), because I like playing such game(Pirate game). I read lots of pirate books, I like Pirate stuff. After work I love to play for some hours and spend them resting and enjoying - either killing players on maps and arenas or farming a couple of thousand diamonds. And now what? I am barely seeing players - they are most likely invisible waiting for me to get bigger ship or sailing with their Ahabs. At port wars I spot even players trading with AHABS? ARE YOU INSANE?

    There are plenty of pirate games, 3D, not flash. I liked this game - it was really enjoyable with it simplicity, but there are plenty of other games like - Assassins Creed - blag flag.. and so on and so on. Look on youtube for Pirate Games and you will see that there are tons of great content games related to pirate era.

    I will most likely log once a day to pickup my seal and rockets in the guild manufacture. For the record - I payed for a yearly subscription 2 weeks ago, thank you for proving me that there is no point to support flash games.
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  17. Wedgewood

    Wedgewood bp_phrase_Forum_Demigod

    Hi everyone I will do my best to answer all questions you may have regarding the new pvp seasons. We are in the process of creating an F.A.Q for the new system which will be ready very soon.

    As outlined by Amnesia we had not commenced a pvp season at the time of your posting. However as you have no doubt noticed rewards are now available in the pvp merchant.

    Skulls should now be returned. When the sync was done skulls had temporarily disappeared. This may also have been due to the fact the rewards were not available at the time.

    This patch was done partly to enable newer players to be able to compete as the traditional system of accumulated points over time limited newer players increasingly from being able to achieve higher and higher rankings.

    ANIKHTE User

    No faq??? this it the lowest the company has sink into it. Making a big change in the game, and not informing the players what the changes are and how the new system works. In the same note do the developers know what they have created or they are just figuring it out? Or once more they use the normal servers as test server? Because the test server as it works now it is impossible to make any test. In test server players ought to have max out accounts, all ships fully build , bombastic level 3, and thousands of items so they can test them ad report back. I made an account there and i was not given any diamond and there was new items to test in test server and i was going to buy them with? and me having a sloop and 6 pounders test them against who?? SO the test server is a failure and thus the company uses the normal server as the actual test ground. Remember the ursus battleground when they released it buggy and not working? So wedgewood is it the same case? Are we guinea pigs once more? So the developers test and i imagine they will put silent changes and when they will decide of the final release we will get a faq?? Do you realise that you are killing the patient in the mean time?

    we need the breaking points of the ranking systems
    both for seasonal and all time

    thats info is very important for all the players to know how much they need to work and how much possible will be to even unlock some categories.
  19. Wedgewood

    Wedgewood bp_phrase_Forum_Demigod

    If a new account is created it is automatically given diamonds. Feel free to provide the account number and we check this on your behalf.

    ANIKHTE User

    well when i created the account 3 years or 4 years ago i received nothing. 6 month to 1 year ago i received 4m diamonds in the test account. But wedge wood diamond aside, no one has the time nor the will nor that the test server is open to start the account from zero. and i am not the only one that said the same over here. many other people said you asked us to test the new pvp in the test server but our account there start from zero. Some times the changes are items you need a guild island to see the items and unlock them. So each of us has to make a guild island and level it up so it will have also an island? I do not mind to log in to test server and help with new features to be tested but you can not ask from me to start from zero. And having an account with no cannons level 15 pve and a bad ship with no special items in that account, or powers and improvements what kind of useful test can i do? Thank you very much for the interest about my test account but the test account is the least of my problem.

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