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Discussion in 'Update & Idea Pool' started by vinmontei, Oct 31, 2023.

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Would you like to have the skull shop again?

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  1. vinmontei

    vinmontei User

    I'm opening this topic as an option to "fix the game" again encouraging many players to return, adding things that would catch the attention of everyone who likes this game! Below I will provide a brief explanation of how this skull store worked!!

    The first part will show you PVP rankings and your position in the PVP rankings. Then there is also the Skull Merchant. In Skull Merchant you can use the skulls in the sinks as items to improve your ships.



    Because it is much more beautiful and attractive and not ugly like the ones nowadays!!!



    In this Skull Market, you will find several very interesting items that should still be in the game today!!!
  2. PenaBranca

    PenaBranca User

    It would be very good, it would already give an up
  3. I would very much like this to become our joy.
  4. noixfroix

    noixfroix User

    I would really like this system to come back
  5. Elmaskche

    Elmaskche User

    let this system return:(